Vanity armor that use to be in the store

Just returned…
So, ya that cash shop doesnt look appealing at all anymore. Not sure why the decision was made to pull all the costumes, but where can they be found now? Did they make them available in game? Also glad i got my b1tchmage set on my demo when i did…

They are available at vendors in the main cities (infront of Old Tarantia’s trading post for example) and yes, that decision was really horrible as these sets went up in prices for almost 750%.
Back then they costed ~300 FC points, nowadays you can buy them for ~15 tokens of gilding which are incredible hard to get unless you buy item shop lootboxes (you get 2 per box) which cost 360 FC points.

Also, you can’t “unlock” them anymore, you buy the set cache and then open it stuffing every single armor part in your inventory, if you delete a part -> that part is gone.

Those are now bought with Tokens of Gilding from the Vanity vendors in the 3 main cities. You can get Tokens from store loot boxes, seasonal quests and from the daily login bonuses. Takes awhile for them to add up, but they do.

The vanity set’s also random drop from the chests you get from fighting the World Bosses.