Returning player- Vanity Armor

It’s sad that you don’t sell the vanity armor anymore. My character for 5 years ago have plenty of it. Since we can’t buy it anymore, can’t you make it all account wide instead of bound by character? I am sure many others would love that too.

They are still sold but very overpriced or if you don’t pay real money they take a very long time to get. You can buy the vanity sets at the gilding token vendor, some are missing but most are there.
The problem is, they are not account bound anymore and you get all pieces into your inventory which is a huge waste of space if you only need like 1 or 2 pieces of a set with 6 pieces, especially annoying since we need to pay up to 15 gilding tokens for one set on one character.

Vanity set’s also drop from the World Boss as part of the random loot, so that’s another way to get (random) set’s.

If you’re good about doing your daily log in bonuses the tokens add up nicely. Also tokens drop from the first time runs of the Halloween events.