Will the Exiles content ever be available again?

There was an AoC bonus a while back for people who bought the Barbarian Edition of Conan Exiles. Not sure how much dev time is involved making existing content available in the ingame store, but it seems like there’d be enough people willing to purchase at least the mount and rune to make it worth the effort (you can leave the title unobtainable so original owners keep something exclusive if you have to). Or make the Barbarian Edition (in truncated form without t-shirt and whatever else is no longer feasible) available again for Exiles. Just a thought. Would anyone else buy this?


How do I Double Like This?

~ In Addition, why has no one in marketing thought of having the armor/weapon skins migrated from Exiles to AoC, and to sell these in the shop, like every other MMO does.

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They have pretty much completely abandoned the AoC shop. They definitely abandoned the micro-transaction nature of many cheap items they had in the old shop.

It is also a fair bit more work than you might expect to take designs from Exiles and bring them into AoC. It isn’t a simple copy/paste.

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