Hey admins please read this )

hello, im playing AoC for 10 years and enjoying both PVE and PVP contents so much. But while im taking a break, there was exile babarian event providing Exile Rune. i would have participate in that event if i knew Exile rune is so OP.

so i suggest please make exile vent again or create rune bundle on AoC store. Every player on AoC would agree that Exile rune is op cuase its so powerful on dps. i look forward to admin’s response. thank you.


The rune wasn’t given away during an event, you had to buy the Barbarian Edition of the game Conan Exiles (80€ or so) on Steam in order to get the code for the rune for your AoC account.

What would be the point of having Exclusive rewards if they just offer them from some other source later?

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no plan???