"rune of exile no longer available?!?!" wtfffff

Rune of the exile is no longer obtainable , cause Conans exiles barbarian edition is no longer available .
This rune gives a huge advantage , and its kinda unfair for ppl not to be able to obtain it anymore .
So heres the solution just place it on funcom ingame store for like 1200 FP…


Yea i agree. Having one of, if not the best and most op Rune ingame be a limited time offer is completly rediculus. Rune of exile is a crazy crazy strong item and sure having to buy another game for 60 bucks in order to get it isent exaktly perfect but atleast you could. Now there is no possible way of getting it and people in Aoc with the rune have a significant edge over others who dont have it. I agree on it being put to the itemshop, Sounds like a good idea, The price im not to sure about il leave that to funcom but atleast give everyone a chance!


Why would you suggest such a thing? As I still remember I do have chars with epic gear who can at lvl 50 beat level 80s. Examples of other individuals would be someone like mythdemeanor and xoutlaw. AOC releases special edition content time to time and it includes gear which has an unfair advantage to others who do not have it… BUT Has any of those items appeared on the item store to be obtainable? Nope because the idea in itself is unheard of… you might as well wait for the next pay to win item slides across the opportunistic person’s desk and take hold of even if just a small bit of it without concerning your spending margin… OR U CAN JUST BE A BEGGAR like I am. :smirk:

Seeing your comment i highly doubth you have any idea of the old so called “p2w” items in aoc, There is absolutly nothing that comes even close to how OP rune of exiles is. With all due respect boblo, You are very very wrong. Its a good way for funcom to make some extra money and a perfect chance for the new guys from saga of blood to get it aswell. I really see no losers in inplementing rune of exiles in the itemstore. Funcom gets money and the players get a chance at the rune to even things out abit. WIn win in my book

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The only solution is to make it available for everyone OR delete it and compensate the players …

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I dare funcom to remove my rune
☆ Death

  • I would like all my money back plus, I’m still fighting to acquire the funds for just the rune since I dont play exiles

Thank you for working TIRELESSLY ON AOC EXILES but… I did it for the rune… I want my money.

  • yes I’m talking directly to you

       GM Andy B.
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Rune of exiles is how the conunity is atm. Either you pay or cheat your way to top :slight_smile:
How many of those exile rune owners actually paid the exiles edition xD?

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Most people I know who have the exile rune bought the game on steam, and then immediately refunded the game.

Exile rune needs to be accessible in some way. Funcom store would probably be the best place. Honestly I just wish they’d nerf the crap out of it- 30% crit damage rating is absolutely insane on many classes. Combined with RF rings and the store crit pot, it essentially becomes a guaranteed 30% damage bonus for 9 seconds every 25 seconds.

What’s especially insane is how poorly designed it is- for example, Withered Soul (the necro feat which gives an instant ice strike when the player crits) is disabled by the spellweave buff Death god (100% crit chance), as it would be crazy to be able to proc that crap whenever you want. Rune of Exile is triggered even if you have death god up, letting necro essentially proc their buff at any time. And I don’t think spellweaving necros needed a damage buff.


I agree with Skoped.

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Should of bought it sooner plebs

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What did u expect? It was a barbarian edition which was available temporarily. I paid for the rune, not for the game and I do not agree that it should be either removed or unlocked to buy via funcom store.
Conan Exiles barbarian edition was available to purchase for over a year so you had enough time, you missed it so dont cry now over spilt milk.


What about new players arriving from noe om? They never got the chance.

My solution to this would be to add an event stronger version that is available through ingame progress.

No “best in slot” item nor buff should be available through irl purchaces…


No, the best way would be to unlock the barbarian edition in the future so those who miss the rune could actually get it. I am against removal of exile rune, i paid for this shiet lots of money

If you come late to a party dont expect welcome drinks. I miss a lot of stuff that was exclusive in the past. So if legacy items are made available then ALL legacy items like past subscription exclusives…
The Power of rune itself was discussed over an over when introduced in old forums. It has been decided to be ok by FC at this time. End of Story.

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Talking about unobtainable unbalancing items. Half the server is running arround with crafted raid weapons, bought from an illegal web shop.

Unlike other players, I like to obtain stuff in a legal way. Therefore it would be great to be able to buy these weapons in the funcom shop as well.

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Lol, did you even read my whole comment?

I didnt say removing it.
I didnt say nerf if.
I didnt say make IT available to everyone.

I simply said that the most powerful Rune shouldnt be something you instantly claim on all your chars, because you paid real money.
The most powerful Rune should require some work like repgrind or dungeneering or something. And the MOST POWERFUL Rune should most certainly not be time limited. Yes legacy items should be time limited and cool, but not outright outclass all other options.

Take your time to understand the one you’re replying to before commenting, so you dont have to spew out a lot of nonsense that does not contribute in any way …


Stop with this crap. Most of my pvp friends crafted t3 weapons on their own, during 2 raids. I dont know where u find those statistics. Maybe t3 crafts should drop from daily rewards?
Give urself a bit of effort, farm materials like granite, ironsilk etc then sell them and buy materials for t3 craft, form a raid and you’ll be ready to be in the better 50% half who didnt buy the craft as you said in illegal way.

Great suggestion :grin:

I smell a troll in here :slight_smile:

lol i am a fockin new player so chill