Armor issue encountered

Hi Tascha. I play on co-op on ps4. Yesturday i wanted to make exceptional aquilonian armour but for example i need to make a heavy pauldron and it asks for a heavy pauldron which is very confusing as its asking for what we need to make. o.O. I adore this game but i also feel we need more knowledge points as i want fix my armor and it says i have no expertise. I have reset my knowledge points a ridiculous amount of times and i have Bassansteeltoe, as we are only 2 players. Please dont suggest going online as I will never go online pvp or pve gaming after my experience with ark. Far too stressful. Please could you look into this i would be so grateful. Thank you for such an awesome game.

Hanar of Bossonia is the one making flawless. And a T3 aquilonian the one that makes exceptional.

So I don´t see any issue.

I have t4 armorers ._.Read the problem please, to make a heavy pauldron its asking for a heavy pauldron

I assume you mean Llian Steeltoe and he cant do anything Aquilonian.
The next patch you get, you get T3 and T4 for Aquilonian. Unless you have those you can only make the basic sets. And those sets works fine, they are MEDIUM not heavy.

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Hanar of bossonia works ty. I am battling to fire my trebuchet with my ps4 remote. I keep getting the square to open options. I have all ammo and weights done. I had my daughter test it 30 mins ago, she also gets no result. We have a dudd for a trebuchet :confused: :frowning:

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