Armor stands implemented into the game

I would like to see a armor stand implemented into the game it would be nice to be able to decorate and display armors I stead of them sitting in chest


That adds them. A lot of them can cause players to see framerate loss, which is why they are sometimes limited on the servers with it added, and the reason why its not base game.

I’m not on pc though on ps4

Welcome to the Forum. Armor stands have been brought up before and alot of us would like to have them.


iirc there was a dev stream where they said armour stands are being looked into, however they are trying to reduce the performance hit servers would take from these types of displays. In other words they don’t want just manikins as the game would render all the items as if on a player causing a heavy load on the servers.

And consoles lack the flexibility PC enjoys, Xbox and PlayStation need to be included so performance is relevant.

So patience is the key at this time, we’ll all just need to wait.


Oh my god yes


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