Armor that could pass for Amazon?

Is there any armor in Exiled Lands, that could pass for Amazon’s? Specifically canon characters such as Queen Nzinga and General Tuta? That may be befitting for the handful of Cannibal Brutes I recruited, who are women. The menfolk Brutes and Thugras can just have less specific armor.

Search images of the real Queen Nzinga and find the closest equivalent armour pieces in game

Maybe the pictish rite armour? Very amazon looking and dyable

As far as I know, these two appear only in Conan the Buccaneer by L. Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter, so they’re not canon characters. Are they described in the story?

If the queen is anything like the queens and princesses in Howard’s stories, try something like Bejewelled top and Lemurian Royal sarong with whatever sandals or anklets and bracelets strike your fancy…

To be entirely fair, Zath also is from L. Sprague, so it’s not canon.
Doesn’t stop this one from lobbing orbs of Yezud in game.

That said, bejeweled match’s Nzinga as well as possible. Perhaps with Derketo or Pictish Dancer arm/leg.

For General Tuta… We seem to be missing a Leopard print Bikini.
Which is odd.
The closest to a furkini and furbra top are Nord Settler?
Maybe Hyena Fur?
What a surprising oversight…

Is this one just having a senior moment or is there an absence of leopard/tiger/feline print light outfits?
Bra top for ladies, shoulder mantle for gents?
Is this really absent?

Yes. Dunno if leopard bikinis fell out of fashion in the 1990s. The Darfari (female) top has the design, but not the textures.

Considering how often we hear requests of more scanty outfits, it’s a bit surprising that we haven’t had any two-piece bathing suits in feline patterns. It’s not like Funcom’s artists need to reinvent the wheel for it:
(Now I’m feeling old.)


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