Artbook questionnig (bump)

In the last Newsletter :

“Our junior concept artist Sverre has been putting together a fantastic looking artbook for the game’s Collector’s Edition. In this artbook you can see work-in-progress sketches, artwork, renders of game assets and other art from the production of Conan Exiles.
Now that we’re coming up on content lock our artists have been finishing up their workload on all the content making it in for full launch. Recently that’s included things like the adding alters, effects and priest clothing for Derketo, something super-secret for the Swamp dungeon, and more weapons and armor.”

That’s supercool to read, but does it mean that… I’ve purchassed the Barbarian Edition back when the early launched. My artbook will be modifiy in the file, will i get a new one or this will be onl for the physical version of the collector ?

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