Detail review in what each chapter bought to the game

Funcom can you please make a list of items added to Conan Exiles per chapter and sections. Example Sorcery Ch 1 brought in this item or items. Two item list of items one being none battle pass items and the other list being battle pass items.

This way every item added can be catalog. This also would allow for bug testing and missing items to be spotted easier.

I would rather have them focus on more important matters than wasting time on such lists. Download the DevKit and catalog from there.

I have to agree with Narelle on this one. It sounds more like something that a fan would do either on the wikis or as a forum post or a video or something of that nature. The lists devs are most concerned with are the ones you find in patch notes.

@Narelle and @Glurin I rather the funcom team have the lists for quality purposes. Glitchs,bugs and etc can be solved faster when there is a list. I rather the team focus on knowing what items where add for a higher quality gaming experience.

Wikis and other fan sites geta outdated fast. For example FF tactics wiki is outdated.

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