I have doubts about the game because I haven't played it in a long time

I have a question about the game’s contents, is it possible to buy items from the pass that I missed, how many battle passes has the game already had?, and is it possible for me to play the content from the previous ages?.

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  1. Items are returning and are put in the bazaar for relevantly acceptable prices. People are excited about it. So more are on the way definitely.
  2. Seven passes in total.
  3. New content stays in the game permenantly, like sorcery and siege and purge. A few events on rotation, like the head hunt and sacred hunt. Nothing is age-exclusive, except the eclipse phenomenon in AoS Ch2, but that’s just a visual thing.
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Funcom has clearly said that battle pass items will never be added to the bazaar, so I’d be interested in seeing where they retracted that.

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Yeah well they also said there would be future battle passes when they were selling the challenge changes for the begining of this battle pass so there is that. Their word about what they are going to do or not do is suspect.

I don’t doubt that there will be the minor tweaks of old BP content coming in both bazaar and events in the future.


Oh, I thought those “revisited” items count.
If they revisited the whole pass by giving them an alternative color and that still don’t count, fine.

No, but also yes sorta.

The exact item, no.
That probably won’t change.

A different version with slight colour or textural differences, possibly. There are several examples of other colour or very minor alterations that separate previous pass items from a Bazaar rough equivalent.
For an example, look on the wiki at
Arcane Curio Cabinet (an early Battle Pass item)

And compare it to the
Arcane Bookcase (an item that sometimes appears in the Bazaar rotation)

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It would be very nice for them to add items from the pass in the bazaar, as I lost several passes and I would like to buy the items, they could sell them in packs. Can you tell me if the contents of the pass transfer between platforms such as Steam, Epic and Xbox?

That’s true, but they’ve “clearly said” other things that they later changed their mind about. When FC said “never” they also believed that BP system was going to be a viable, long term, source of revenue.

It doesn’t make sense for all of those assets that they’ve already worked on to be permanently lost forever for new players. I’d bet dollars to doughtnuts that they will either a) eventually make each season available for a price or b) create future DLC’s that include items from the BP’s.

Option a would be much better for players, of course, but I wouldn’t be surprised if option b rears it’s ugly head.


That’s inaccurate information

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