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I feel like its time to share some artwork here with the community, feel free to add yours too.

AI generated, Photoshop enhanced, In painted and remastered.

What you guys think?

Want larger resolution or uncompressed version, feel free to ask.


Ear is messed up.

Eyes are messed up.

Extra pointy elbow.

Hair blends into face.

The longer you look, the more errors you see…


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Well yeah every piece of drawing has imperfections, even non generated ^^
But thanks for the feedback, trying to improve on the details :slight_smile:

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As an artist that creates unique traditional and digital works, AI generated shouldn’t be applauded, excused or made to seem like it needs the explanation you just gave it as if you labored through it yourself.

The entire schtick is stealing preexisting works without permission to generate “art”.

Do you have a piece you did yourself without AI?

For me an example of what I have done is my profile picture. No AI. My own intellectual property. Did it myself.


I can appreciate both self creation and AI generated, I find both techniques interesting.
Not all AI models are “stolen” artwork. Some models are even created by artists themselves.

Not gonna argue about what is done by person and what is done by computer, I already stated this was AI generated.

:slight_smile: :+1:t2:

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Ai is not a technique.

“I find AI technology also interesting.”

I’m not a English native, my sentences are not always correctly formalized, sorry.


AI is simply a tool just like Photoshop, Gimp, or Paint .net

All of those can be used to ‘steal artwork’ if all you do is feed someone’s else’s work into it, or use Copy and Paste. Good artists who are flexible will be able to introduce AI into their workflows to generate results that are both artistic and original.

Those who refuse AI on ignorant principles risk being left behind. Specifically in the realm of commercial art. Obviously it has no effects on the hobbyist.

The arguments against AI tools were the same ones made decades ago when Computer aided drawing and painting became more and more available.

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I agree here. It can help you improve existing artwork.

Sure you can call it “art” but it still based on models that were generated by existing images fed into it. So there was always some kind of source artwork.


I am not opposed to utilizing tools, not by a long shot.

What I am opposed to in general is giving it the same merit, terminology and equivocation as the actual labor, talent and brain power it took to create a piece as a person.

The OPs AI generated picture is not just using a tool. It was some words plugged into a program and it spit out a picture and then they did some tweaks in PS.

Are you an artist?

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All digital images are ai created. If you set the contrast it’s not that you do it with your skills in painting. Picasso maybe would say the same about digital artwork… Its not art.

Thats the future and I understand also the people who do their art works without ai.
Why pay much money if you just can generate it for much less money and time.

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Never claimed to be one.

But to answer your question:
I’m a web designer and software engineer, with web design I sometimes make pieces of modern art that is not relevant to the Conan Exiles world so I’m not going to bother anyone with that here.

I was asking @Taemien

Don’t get me wrong here. They brought up a very important point and one I did not touch on.

AI itself of course is not the problem. It is being used as an excellent tool.

My previous comments touch on why it is often an issue if used as many are using it now including yourself.

Haven’t seen him to claiming to be one either :slight_smile:

Why is this a problem? Just curious to know…

Yes, though ironically I do better with physical mediums than I do digital. Though I have enough experience in digital to be able to do technical adjustments depending on what format, size, or ratio is needed. Mostly in a hobbyist role, but I have worked on professional projects in the past.

The OP plugging words into the AI and getting something spat out isn’t much different than having a program draw a line for you, or a circle, or some other shape. Its definitely more sophisticated in the results it can spit out. And contrary to popular believe, AI doesn’t ‘store’ images it ‘sees’ on the internet. Instead it uses its algorithms to study the various different shapes, colors, contrasts, and other specifications that makes up certain content.

That’s not stealing art anymore than someone looking at something and being inspired to draw or paint something similar. In fact the technology that went into AI generated art originally started off as self driving automobile environment recognition. They just found the same algorithms that can recognize people as people and different road signs and symbology could be refined to generate or enhance art.

When people do steal art and use AI is when they actually download someone’s file and use that as a basis and then use the AI to change things about it. But this has been done with Photoshop (its the reason its called Photoshop) since its inception.

If I took your image and used paint .net or Gimp to change the hair color, maybe use some other tools to change the hair length a bit, and then change the skin color… then claimed it as new, that would be stealing. But if I drew up another character in a similar pose. It would not.

The OP’s image is a rough example of an AI version of many images I’ve crafted in paint to get a point across. Its prettier. But no one owns basic colors, shadings, and shapes. No one’s work was stolen.

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As an artist myself, I am certainly intrigued by AI’s ever evolving capabilities. I’m willing to play the devil’s advocate here, so bare with me. There’s one thing I can see beneficial for AI after giving it much thought.

Many artists can get creative blocks and I can see it as way to develop ideas. Let’s say you’re not sure where to go with a character design, but you start throwing out ideas. It can work as a sort of visual brainstorming process. Wanna know different ways a pirate cat from outer space would look? Try it. Wanna see a politician in a diaper wielding a katana? Sure, go for it. This doesn’t mean you use the work itself, but you can use it as a guideline to create your own. The algorithms will often use pre-existing works for the foundation, but the uniqueness of the image itself is still there.

Long story short, use it as means to get through creative blockages, not to pass off as art. A friend and co-worker of mine uses one of the higher end AIs to create character visuals for his short stories. He has stated that he doesn’t use them for commercial purposes, but rather to get an idea of what they look like when he draws them from reference.

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Lol I have no idea what you are criticising there, you must have twin electronic microscopes for eyes because honestly it looks perfectly fine to me?!

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The ear is a bit deformed, the hair might look like its blending in the face on some screens, for me I see rough hair and wounds with blood though.

Anyway I made some more images which are better… but I don’t feel like sharing any more.
This topic fell into a argue against and in favour.

Which on both sides I can understand, but this wasn’t my intend.

@Funcom please close the topic.


My apologies, man… the world of AI works is still a sore spot for many and I’ve found discussion of it to be very difficult in some circles. I’m against it as a form of passing off as your own work, yet, as I’ve stated, I can see a good purpose for it. Sad thing is, there are many that will use it for malicious reasons. This is where the fear of AI stems from. It can take food from the mouths of artists. I’ve even heard of a Chinese game company that fired many artists and replaced them with AI to save on production costs. So yeah, it’s a slippery slope. However, don’t be discouraged. :smiling_face:


Don’t lose heart mate, they look cool and please continue to play with AI.

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