Showcasing the amazing work of the artists behind Conan Exiles

This game having absolutely beautiful artwork and detail. It has pulled us and our community into the world of the game and so we wanted to showcase some of the awesome sites we’ve experienced. The building is awesome but the thrill of discovery/exploration is amazing! Thanks to the entire Funcom team for making these possible!


From our community members:

Credit: Crazydoc08

Credit: Trunk

Credit: Vargala_Svett


Here’s the correct photo from one of our community members, Trunk:

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yeah the artwork and also the music is really good,
as far as i know, the composer had to recreate lots of the music, (possibly from 3/3 or what sounded like 7/8 beats in the original, down to a 4/4 regular version, and did it really well :slight_smile:

(plus the orchestra who played it too)
(as someone who did some basic sound engineering i really appreciate the audio)

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