Page Background Praise

I just wanted to applaud the artist :art: or artists who are creating the background images for these forum pages! This one in particular is exceptionally striking! :face_holding_back_tears: :astonished:


I agree :+1:

It is beautiful!

(Also where is this building?? XD)

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Maybe it’s a hint of what’s to come in 3.0 or something?

That is in the video when you first crank up Conan. A screenshot at the end if i am not mistaken.


Yeah, screen cap from the Cinematic Trailer

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I REALLY hope! I’ve been dreaming about this place for over a year (I’m a bit late to the Conan-playing party), so hopefully this city and that big chunk of pyramid/ziggurat will be implemented soon with the Mummy inside (@Community :heart: )

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But the Clan building it, got banned for server lag… :sweat_smile:
Sorry, couldn’t ressist… :japanese_ogre:


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