[Asia GMT+8] Classic Server PvE - Long Term

Server Ip:
Discord: discord.gg/tHHZKNk
Map: The Exiled Land

I’m Creating an Official Server Like Server, for those people that are New and enjoying Conan Exile, you are very welcome to here.

Server Setting :
Server Host Base : Singapore (suitable for Southeast Asia Player)
Server Duration : Currently already paid for 1 year (will extend depending on the population)
EXP : x 2
Resources Gathering : x 2
Pet training : 2x faster
Thrall training : 2x faster
MOD : Reduce Rain

NOTE : You need to tick MOD Server List, then only can see our server.
All other server setting will be follow PvE official server setting.

As Promise, Owner won’t involve in Gameplay and abuse his power.

Server Rules

  • Respect all the player in this server
  • Spamming and Abuse land claim is strictly prohibited
  • Blocking resources and entrances is strictly prohibited
  • Mind your word

All player that break the rules will be permanent BAN, owner will ensure the community environment is healthy.

Any suggestion can write here , write in discord , or email to me : longtermconanserver@gmail.com

Enjoy the Game!

Come join us, it’s official like server, Casual PVE, owner will make sure no player abuse land claim and griefing (which sadly often happen in Official Conan Exile Server). So everyone can enjoy full gaming experience in Conan Exile.

semi PVP (weekend and around 1 hours during night time) might open in future if the population increase.

Pump, welcome to join the us, currently only few players join, so far all behave nicely.

Pump, come join us, the server is fair and admin is active. Admin won’t involve in gameplay or abuse power.

No Land Claim abuse, No bad player, all those against the rules will be permanent ban.

Official server like. Not too overpower, because want player to feel the survivor game experience.

Pump, what kind of server setting is most people like? come and give us suggestion =)

Pump, come join us, the server still new and last for at least 1 year and active admin.
Dont worry about admin abuse their power, there’s only 1 admin, that’s me, and i will not involve in gameplay =)

Pump, server population is increase a bit, come join us! All suggestion are welcome, just reply here or send to my email : longtermconanserver@gmail.com

I will ensure server is running in healthy environment.

Come Join us, the server still alive, Currently installed “Reduce Rain” Mod

Hey LongTermAsia.

I’m a GMT+8 Player from the Philippines, and I’m interested in joining up for PVE, though it’s been a while since I played the game.

Do I just sign up on your discord first and then try to log in? Have to reinstall the game first. :smiley:

nice server,but not much player