Attack of the Panthers

There are panthers next to the obelisk in the jungle and as soon as I load up they kill me. I don’t even have a chance to defend myself, they are damaging me while I’m still loading up.

Get a thrall/ pet with u. It will keep em occupied enough time so u will load up

I had a thrall with me and still died

yeah that Obelisk is a but dangerous. I also have some issues with the unnamed city have have skills crippling me.

All you have to do is go on foot and drag the panthers away from the obelisck. Don’t kill them. I had this problem on volcano, when i was passing the portal foul with obsidian bars 2 swings of the great sword and dead. I know the feeling.

I’m thinking about putting thralls there. Maybe that will help. I don’t want to really build around there, probably can’t anyway.

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