Protected while loading in at Obelisk

We need to have protection while in load screen for obelisk. No need to explain much. Its just a ridiculous way to die… In a load screen. I know that there are work arounds for this, but it still should not be an issue.

Again. Before the guys who dont read a paragraph and like to sarcastically sound smart chime in… I know that there are work arounds for this so as to lessen the chances of losing gear.

My question to the community is, how can they implement this easily?

That be nice. Im always getting attacked by the 2 skeletons while loading in at Ice Bridge

Odd…I have never been attacked by an NPC at an Obelisk.

I was mostly talking about other players really… But it does happen with NPCs for sure. Skeletons at black Keep, Panthers at south Jungle ob…


Yea the Panthers get me almost every time

We always send my son through first. He wears heavy and has a crapton of health. Thats how I protect myself at least, lol.

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