This is the last time i tell you guys anything cause you seem to never listen with all do respect that is. But stop playing with fighting mechanics and thralls. Fix the issues at hand first. For instance the black keep ob, the witch queen ob, and the unamed city ob having a high chance of people dying before theg load in to the game. I just bailed with my loot from my base that just got raided to one of these obs to die by a npc before loading in.

I’ve never had the problem you’re speaking of (nor do I recall anyone I’ve played with having said they had a rendering issue with the game). Everything renders very fast for me. It sounds like you are having a personal hardware issue. In other words, you might want to check your systems because the game is rendering just fine (less than one second of time).

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It’s not just hardware. I’ve had variations in loading times that have to do with how much user-built stuff there is around the obelisk and with what materials. Black ice is the worst, for some reason. One of my clanmates (back when he played) complained it was even worse on his hardware. So it’s a combination of both.

At any rate, it’s really not a solution. Your character should not be vulnerable while you literally have no control over it.


better yet they should make all obelisk to be high up / no temperature change zone as in netural zone that prevent animal wandering near you … best example of the warp to the dead of the mound … there problem solved …

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Just remove the obelisks and map rooms from the game like in Early Access when they didn’t exist. Run everywhere on foot and you will have no reason to complain.

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Is it possible to grant a few seconds of invulnerability upon teleportation to compensate for this? It’s an issue for me on PS4 only at the witch queen obelisk and if leaving the volcano dungeon. Can also be a problem if someone intentionally aggro’s NPCs to an obelisk or camps it themselves in order to slaughter you before you even load in. I realize giving,say, 2 seconds invulnerability isn’t perfect, especially on PC where loading times can vary based on hardware, nearby placeables, etc. Still, it would be better than how it is now.

Interesting. I began a new character after I finished my first main by using the Keystone and finish the story. Being in a clan gave me the opportunity to get a good thrall to level up fast. Well, lo and behold, when I teleported from my base at the plateau above Thugra’s Stand to the obelisk by Klael’s Stronghold, the ending cinematic came up and I was caught by surprise. I hadn’t even gotten any of the artifacts to build the Keystone, so how was this possible?

Anyway, I began - yet another new character, so this problem wasn’t persistent. I managed to level up to 60 in 4 days by mainly taking the Thrall to UC and let him fight there. I play mainly on the PvE-server.

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