Obelisk blocking

Is obelisk blocking intended or not?

If not, I don’t see what’s stopping DEVs from encoding a system around obelisks where the building pieces won’t fully connect.

Sure you will always be able to build some radius around OBs, but you should not physically be able to CONNECT all your blocks in a ring around an obelisk. Solved.

Also, why are we able to die and take damage while still loading? How about make us immune until the precise moment we load in? That would also solve obelisk campers while you’re at it.

Because you connect first to the game and only after you’re connected your PC / console can start to load the environment. That means others already there can see you well before you can see them.

Too bad we don’t get a few seconds of invincibility while loading in vial obelisk… (By a few seconds I mean just enough to keep us from getting jumped while we are still close enough to the obelisk to gain corruption from it.)

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Doesn’t mean they can’t change it. Other developers on other games already solved those issues over a decade ago. Immune until fully loaded, or synchronize loading the world for the player teleporting with what other players see. It’s a very easy fix for developers, most games don’t deal with this issue.

And I know coding-wise “why” it happens, but “why not fix it” is what I’m saying. It’s been broken since launch.

Why not temporary invisibility until loading is complete?

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