Immunity in obelisks


We would like players to add, for example, a dome around the obelisks so that there is no damage inside it and players and animals can not kill you, as a safe area.

invisibility to other players and animals while travelling there would help already

Something would help…

I’ve loaded into the Black Keep obelisk before and been thrashed by 2 silent legion warriors who killed me before.

And then the one by the Undead Dragon I’ve had undead hyenas nipping at me as I loaded in before.

Neither should happen.

Can you give a perspective from which this shouldn’t happen?

I kind of like camping obelisks and farming alpha clans as they port to and from raids though.
Great way to get nice gear and loot with minimal effort. Everyone hates to be a camping victim but when the victim has it coming I don’t see why not.

The crappy thing about obilisks is that for 15 to 30 seconds you are lagged. You cant defend. You cant fight.

You are just stuck.

Its a crap mechanic due to the load time of the new area being loaded.

Camping obilisks is cheap. But I wont use them in pvp

I understand your point, gear wise and so. I think the camping becomes an issue thorough repetition-respawning pattern happening too often. If we don’t have proper gear anyway, instead of respawning, maybe our soul could have a choice to turn into a ghost and wander to where we wanted to go and respawn there; to not waste time repeating the pattern unnecessary enough times. In case we die, our ghost form could teach an emote in our repertoire to our slayer as a reward or a good faith gesture of some kind? Then we run away from the scene.

Or perhaps the devs could implement a cheap “sorcery” feat of “remote vision” which allows anyone with a crafted potion or item to remote view any area in the game for a short period of time. Maybe yet another feat of crafting your own custom (but expensive) mini obelisks that you can teleport to at any time bypassing the need to use a public obelisk.

Big clans would utilise this in a maximum degree, if introduced now.

Remote vision feels too simple concept as is so it would definitely need to be expensive in some way. Maybe add a chance that a random wandering merchant would randomly sell you it when they have it and only one at a time. This could be enough, but then again it may defeat the purpose.

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