Damage/death when someone spawns in from Obelisk

Why this has not been fixed yet, I dont know. But it needs to be impossible to hurt or kill someone when they are still loading in at the obelisk. Theres absolutely nothing they can do because they are in a LONG load screen while someone has time to do at least 2 full heavy combos…


Loading very much depends on your hardware. I like an old but fair mechanics in LaII: player has some time after respawn: mobs do not aggro WHILE he/she doesn’t move.

Im on PS4. It takes a while. Every time

Even worse: the more buildings, placeables and followers there are within the rendering distance of an obelisk, the longer it takes to load.

The player really, really needs to be protected (somehow) while at the obelisk as long as they don’t have any control over their character.

I understand it’s not trivial to implement, though. Maybe people on servers with “slow obelisks” will start relying on mounts more. But then again, mounts are severely limited in certain aspects of gameplay :frowning:


Well u can safewall an obelisk u often port to (especially in pve) that would be a great thing to do

Can you explain what you mean by that? At first glance, I don’t like the sound of it: sounds like walling in an obelisk so it can be used only by you and your clan, which – to me – is a form of griefing.


Walk and Run!

The maps pretty small considering… not that hard run across it, and avoid stuff. XD

Thats me thou… lol
I’ve spent so much time walking, maybe it doesnt bother me that much now.


I mean, yeah, you’re right. It’s one of those bugs/misfeatures you can work around. But it’s… wrong :slight_smile:

If you teleport and you get ambushed and you die defending yourself or trying to run away, that’s on you. If you teleport and you get ganked while not being able to even see what’s going on, that’s on Funcom :wink:


Exactly. People who cant pvp use this all the time to their advantage, and it needs to be addressed. My biggest focus of what needs to change is the land claim abuse by roads but i feel this needs conversation too.

Invulnerability after teleportation until character moves - that is all. If char’s standing still then it looks like the player still sees loading screen.

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Yes, there r ways of buliding in a way that blocks npcs from entering an area, but a player can enter in .this means u have free passage/movement, and at the same time u r sheltered by npcs so u can load without worrying that u will be killed from npcs (undead hyenas at sinkhole,panthers at jungle lower )etc,. With this way u can even bossproof ur base in pve whilst it remains open for all. If u would like to see it online, just hop in 1005 official pve and check sinkhole obelisk… my base is at H6(where shrines r),and also safebuilded… I even have a king croc at my backyard that its impossible to kite him in my base…at my safe wall u will even find a shelter to safelly log out if u need to

I don’t think people are complaining about dying to critters and NPCs. It’s other players that will set an ambush – which a perfectly valid tactic – and then take advantage of the fact that the game places you at your destination and makes you vulnerable while you’re still in the loading screen.

Well if they complain about that, it is something i cannot pass any other advice than do not use obelisks…

Teleporting to the south jungle obilisk is a real pain… always jumped on by panthers, usually multiple and dead or almost dead by the time you can log in… On official servers this is a big problem :slight_smile:

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That’s a much longer loading time than I’m used to, unless there’s a whole bunch of player-built stuff nearby. Just out of curiosity, is it on PC or console?

Console ps4, happens all the time, usually you load in just in time, but of your in poor armor or had no health before teleportation you are done before you can fully spawn in

And that is with 2 people on a dead server with no building or structures for miles :joy:

Ouch. I had no idea the situation was so bad on consoles. My gaming PC is 5 years old now and I only have significant loading times when there’s a lot of player-built stuff around.

Thank you for providing me with a new perspective. I sometimes argue about performance with other players in these forums, so it helps having info like that.

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Disagree here. I would rather not lose the only counter to people teleporting out of their bases while being raided full enc with all their stuff. It’s bad enough that you can sneak out the back with all your loot, but being able to teleport out makes it worse. That’s why I always scout out map room location, and if it looks like they’re gonna just teleport, I have people camp obs.

Teleporting is a handicap anyways. If you don’t like the small risk that someone happens to be camping the ob you’re teleporting to, then just run there. Or check it first. Camping obs is boring anyways so normally only fata*ses its do it randomly without a reason

Is it that bad, most game you are safe when respawn/teleport untill you start to move or do somthing.

And the coruption area around is just a joke, realy need to expand both that and the non building area around and even link it ro a bigger non building area Close by ex the one in mount of the dead (the obelisk and the city hub)

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there is a coruption field around the obelisk cant they add like a damage reduction field around it that gives you the buff of taking no damage untill you leave the coruption zone and the buff can only be activated when using a maproom and the zone just keeps the buff from whering out?

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