Damage/death when someone spawns in from Obelisk

They probably could, but it would have unintended consequences, such as people idling inside the field until the ambushers get bored and go away. The idea is not to make ambushes impossible, but rather to get rid of unfair advantage that the game gives ambushers while the player can’t control their character.

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And you could still do that, without an unfair advantage of ganking them while they literally can’t even see what’s going on, much less move. If your buddies can’t make short work of an overencumbered player running away on foot, then I’d be a bit skeptical about their skill at PVP.

Imagine thinking being able to teleport away with your entire base risk free is fair :clown_face::clown_face::clown_face:

Even if you’re overencumbered there are so many ways to juke and be practically immune. Water being one of them. I’d rather not waste time.

And as I said, teleporting is a handicap in the first place. If you don’t like the risk then walk. Simple.

No, well you need an pl PC but loading time cant be a braker in the game! Exept the telefrag in Quake al gamed you are tleporting/change location you are imune untill you start move. Atleas all games i played even Age of Conan

Imagine reading the whole thread and still thinking that people say it’s fair to be able to teleport in combat, when we’re really arguing about what happens once you’ve teleported to the destination…

You know, I’ve run into players before who would complain about people not staying to fight them and call them cowards in global chat and generally throwing a temper tantrum because other people didn’t play the game by their own arbitrary set of rules and code of honor.

Believe me, I understand the impulse to complain when you don’t get things your way. Unfortunately, that still doesn’t make it a good reason to leave a bug in the game :wink:

It isn’t. You use it as a handicap because it’s a shoddy implementation.

In the scenario you present, there are two parties: one that uses the gameplay mechanics for strategy and another that relies on the abuse of an arbitrary flaw in the game to compensate for that strategy. I think things are pretty clear cut here :man_shrugging:

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On official xbox server…
The jungle pillar lags and you can die just by being hit by panthers… It really sucks…


Lol imagine thinking the end result of teleporting has nothing to do with something that involves teleporting

Not sure what you’re getting at with that second part. You implied it was easy to kill encumbered encumbrance build players and I just refuted that. Maybe you play with trash players or don’t know how to juke, I’ve played on at least 20 different servers and played against hundreds of players and never once have I seen any good player have trouble juking. Of course it might be different on PC.

And yes it is a handicap. Teleporting was added to help people move around because they decided not to add mounts in the base game. They said it a bit before the real launch, even defining it as “sorcery”. Wasn’t in alpha/beta. If you teleport carelessly, you have a small chance of being killed. You’re literally using a handicap to go across the entire map. Simple as that. Everyone agreeing with you is just mad because it’s happened to them after they decided to carelessly hit teleport on a PvP server. Emphasize the PvP, you should be aware that there will always be people trying to kill you. And you should be aware of outcomes at all possible times, as is mandatory for pvp survival games.

Once again. If you don’t want to check or take control of obelisks, then just run there. Really. It’s not that hard. With how easy it is to juke in this game I don’t see why we should get rid of an insta death for careless players mechanic. If you have 30+ grit there’s no way you’re dying to anything other than bombs if you’re half decent, so you should at least be punished for teleporting. Maybe it’s a bit different on PC than on console, but on console it’s incredibly easy to juke.

Devs have also said that walling obelisks in pvp is A OK, meaning they have no problems with griefing at the obelisks. If you’re teleporting carelessly you should be punished. If I really want to obelisk camp, then either I’m getting a free spawn kill on you or I’m walling the whole damn thing off to completely prevent teleports. Most players would prefer I didn’t wall it off just because I MIGHT want to prevent a teleport in the future, and would rather I just take my kill and go.

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