Getting killed on obelisk during teleport loading screen

Game mode: Online
Problem: bug
Region: All

I was killed and stolen by other players in obelisks with no chance of fighting or running because they knock me down before I take control of the character. That’s not fair. I understand it is and should be risky to teleport but appearing dead is no chance of fighting is wrong.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. A player teleports to the obelisk
  2. Another waits at the obelisk
  3. The second kills the first in the obelisk before it takes control of the character.
  4. The second takes everything the first has

I believe that is a common thing in pvp and Pvc servers people will camp out waiting on some one land kill them and take their stuff. They see you before you get there. Hopefully some one else has some tips. Good luck.

Not sure if this will be considered a bug or not.

However it’s pretty well known that you should not use map rooms during pvp hours. To avoid having this happen. Those that do run the risk of being killed while loading.

I understand that it is normal to keep guarding the obelisk, my anger is that killing before you take control of the character. I really like your videos Wak =D

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Thanks @Flavio1 glad you like them and hopefully you find them helpful as well.

I’ll expand a little on the obelisk killing. It’s frowned upon by upstanding citizens in the community.

Unfortunately we also have the other side of things. It’s PvP. I don’t have a long run in PvP but I do frequent a server and have a level 60 character on one. Shhh…

With that said I’ve found that it is a much different game then PVE which I’m used to playing.

In many instances it’s psychological warfare as much as force. But I also see a lot of mechanics used in PvP that aren’t even thought about in PVE. Some of those mechanics used are to gain an unfair advantage over another player. Obelisk killing is one of those mechanics and I agree that it’s not right. But it’s what is in game right now and until there’s a change to that mechanic it’s best to avoid using the map at least during raid time.

Additionally I think that mounts will offer a secondary way to travel swiftly across the map. It will also likely be safer as you will not have the loading screen to contend with.

I do however wonder if a protection state could be applied to the character when teleporting that would cause a player to not take damage for some time when teleporting. I don’t know and I’m just spitballing an idea, I suppose that even that could be used in some way to gain an advantage.

It’s hard to please all the community and I commend Funcom for listening and trying to do so.

Good luck out there Exile.

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Hey, during the PVP hours?.. Eaven whitout pvp hours players can kill each other…so your advice it’s never use the teleport? I think they needed to make the obelisk a secure area!

It’s more not to do it during PvP hours because people will raid certain areas of the map and expect you to use a particular obelisk when going to defend that base. Essentially camping the obelisk to stop reinforcements from coming.

During non PvP hours most wont waste their time waiting for the off chance to kill someone coming through. Though if they have a base nearby it’s good to be aware of that and avoid that obelisk.

Again I have little PvP experience and I am only sharing my opinions based off a short time of playing PvP.

yea if theres lag i get attacked at the unnamed city before im in by the skeletons. prolly should be more of a buffer where ya cant move or do anything but are invincible, in case of these circumstances. cover it up with a glittery animation 8]

Teleporting while other players can kill you is dangerous and should be dangerous for gameplay reasons, not for implementation details of the game mechanics.

The problem here is not that there are players camping at the obelisk. The problem is that the game places you at the destination while you’re still in the loading screen. It’s definitely fixable, but that doesn’t mean they will fix it.

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Glad you understood my complaint guys. The issue is important, and some measure could slightly change the way you play. A type of dome or invincibility a few seconds after teleporting could make players even avoid getting close to obelisks. I think that’s good. Unfortunately on my server the killing is widespread and happens to anyone, anytime and any obelisk for no reason. But for now I will have to settle for the mounts that I will use a lot because of it.

The only protection you can hope for is a thrall. It’s possible to have that thrall die, but it might give you a moment to at least get control before dying.

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