Obelisk Spawn Kill Exploit

Hi am new to forums thought I needed to report this as me and my clan had a pretty demotivating experience last night and wondered if anyone else has experienced it.

Xbox One, official server 2200.

When fast travelling to the obelisk by the brimstone pools and the warmaker dungeon we arrived dead because there were people camping there killing our bodies before our games even loaded.
I assume this is possible because when you fast travel your body appears at the obelisk idle before your game loads up. (lost my first black ice weapon without a chance to use it, big sad).

I assume this goes on when the server is full and at the hottest obelisks, guaranteed to have people coming through and rendering them defenseless.

This is also an issue for general obelisk travel because I have noticed as you are idle at the obelisk you can be affected by the environment, i e corruption at the obelisk and as my xbox is older than my friends, it takes longer to load -> I spend more time idle -> I gain more corruption than everyone else because I have an older xbox, which hardly seems fair.

Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know if this has been/ will be addressed?

Because right now our only way around this is to have someone naked carrying nothing to go through the obelisk to see if the coast is clear, and if it is, remove bracelet etc. But this method is not always feesable and definitely wouldnt be appropriate after a raid/ on the hoof. Pretty much only viable from a home map room.


That’s PvP for you - the game mode tends to attract people with schoolyard bully mentality. Camping at obelisks is cheap. It’s also not illegal. On official PvP servers, anything goes. There are no codes for honorable combat, no requirements for gentlemanly conduct. People don’t go there for fair fights, but for dirty backstabbing, ambushes, offline raiding and being nuisances. It’s a world of the quick and the dead.

It comes to a surprise to many players at first that indeed, your character exists and is vulnerable in the game during the loading screen. That makes teleporting dangerous. Walking, running or riding a horse everywhere is time-consuming and boring, but at least that way you can see them coming.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.



When I was still playing, I had a super good PC with a Samsung PRO NVMe SSD. Load times were like 2-3 seconds and everyone attempting to gank me there ended up dead.


If being able to kill someone pre-spawn is “working as intended” then thats poor on funcom’s part imo


First off camping routinely traveled areas is NOT an exploit!!!

PvP is not a safe world. Camping obelisks and dungeon entrances are good ways to get PvP kills in a large map. And it also a good way to acquire loot from unsuspecting players who are not up on their PvP game.

Stop trying to get Funcom to fight your battles for you because you dislike the tactics of some PvPers and/or cannot find in game PvP solutions to your problems.


I dont have an issue with spawn killing or camping but surely pre-spawn killing exploits the vulnerable idleness which could be remedied by just making you invulnerable til it loads on your screen


People keep saying that, but the repetition doesn’t make it true.

When you teleport using a map room, your character is placed at its destination and is completely vulnerable even though you cannot even see your surroundings because you’re seeing the loading screen. You have absolutely no control over your character.

This is definitely a flaw in the implementation of the game. And what do we call flaws in the implementation? Bugs. And what do we call using a bug to gain an advantage over your opponent? An exploit.

Ultimately, the blame lies with Funcom. Undermeshing is possible because of the way Funcom built the levels and implemented the game. Killing players who have no controls over their character at the obelisk is possible because of the way Funcom implemented the game.

It’s the new rules that muddy the picture, really. Even before we had the new rules, there were people insisting that this behavior was okay, because they’re incapable of admitting that they might be wrong about any aspect of their behavior at all. But now that we have rules, people are scared that the rules might be used against them, so expect to see even more denial that this is a flaw in the game.

In the end, there are only two ways to solve this problem:

  1. Funcom fixes the damn bug.
  2. Someone gets banned.

I would much rather Funcom fixed the bug. But most likely, what’ll happen is neither of those two, but rather that Funcom will ignore the problem completely and people will keep learning the hard way that the game has a bug and that you have to adapt to it.


This kills me with npcs when i leave the well of skelos if i stayed too long. Anything an npc can do i would argue is fair play for people. Now, I would love it if they changed it, but it appears intended until changed.

Before i speak i will assume that before i start speaking you just regognize the idea and you support it but you never do it because you have a level of gaming higher than this. My friend @Pat352 first of all welcome to the community. I will agree with the honorable members @Kapoteeni and @CodeMage. About the question that you have made if i experienced this kind of deaths the answer is hell yes, if i like it, hell no. Yes it is true this is the pvp and the players use every mean to steal and kill. All i can see here is nothing more than a bad habit that small ages of this game use to achieve things they are too bored to get their own. 80 % of the pvpers say… I hate pve… It is too boring, the truth they are just low and all they try to do is kill time and have fun by others effort. It is a game over 18, but believe me to many underage play this game. On the other hand there are persons that have the correct age but they never grow up. Conan world online, all the fruits on the table, some are just not ready, what can you do? Now i will close giving a hint, it doesn’t work all the time but it does sometimes. Press the destination and hold your shield tight. If the opponent has weapons that are not shield breaker you have a good chance to survive, it worked a lot of times for me in the past, good luck.




Yea getting killed while in a loading screen is “pro” pvp and definitely shouldn’t be fixed.


There should be an invulnerability when teleporting until you start moving, easy fix. Many games has this feature.


The fix for this is actually very easy.

  1. Modify the map room a bit. Allow everyone in a clan that is going to use an Obi, to select the Obi. Once everyone has selected it, one of the group members then launches the group. This is important because of #2.
  2. When a single person, or a group spawns in, they don’t spawn right at the Obi. They spawn at random, anywhere within a very large circle around that Obi. Groups spawn together in a tight group.
  3. Make the areas around the Obi such that they are not flat, open areas. Give plenty of features to terrain and structures such that you can’t see people spawning, in most cases. You would have to be very close to where they spawned, relying on luck.
  4. Delay a person being visible, until they actually move, or a significant time has passed. Beta testing it would give a good idea on how long it takes even the slowest spawns to happen. Then just add a few seconds onto that. So when you spawn in, and move, you become visible. If you are spawned in, but just sit there, the timer will run out and you become visible.

#4 might not be feasible, but I did play a game over 20 years ago, where when you spawned in, you were invulnerable until you fired your weapon, or about 5 seconds after you actually started to move. This made it much harder for people to spawn camp you. You could stand there, pull out your weapon, and casually line the spawn camper up, and fire. Even if you got killed, you typically killed the spawn camper.

You forgot to add to the list #3.

#3. Don’t use map rooms to travel,


Very few of the forum posts I see are actual “exploits” like DDOSing servers, under-meshing, speed hacks, etc. Most of the posts are just like the one from the original poster.

Let’s be honest and call this what it is. Almost all of these recent “reports” of “exploits” on the forums are just people that think they want to play PvP, join a PvP server, then get stomped. And instead of learning to adjust and improve, they would rather come to this forum and get Funcom to fight their PvP battles for them.

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Glad theres a debate going on am pretty surprised theres people on here defending the bug and acting like its a good mechanic or good for PvP.
I also dont see how not liking this bug or “tactic” as some people call it means you’re not ready for PvP, it’s a terrible mechanic if it was designed to be that way.
There’s already a deterent to using fast travel (corruption, map room is huge and indiscreet, specific location) and I actually quite enjoy using horses for travel, predominatly because you can spam their inventory with stupidly heavy items when farming.

For anyone defending this and wanting to keep it in the game you’re clearly a triggered camper who’s been called out for your cheap kills and your response is “git gud”.

Wasnt trying to get funcom to ban anyone or fight any battles for me, I’d just like to fight my own battles, not idle.


Yes it is. I think people that do this are no different to those that spawn kill kids in Roblox.


I would argue that killing a game asset that is loading in and will eventually be controlled by a player is not pvp. It’s a player vs. a loading asset. No one can honestly say this is good or rewarding pvp design. It’s trolling at best.

Open world pvp where you can be ambushed while you are farming or getting ambushed at a choke point or instance entrance would be more accurate to your statement.


I agree. As much as i don’t do it, using the quick travel is a privilege, not a “right” in Conan. they are not actually keeping you from that part of the map, just making it inconvenient. Even Claiming an obelisk is okay, if done with control Meaning blocking every obbie (that can be blocked) is leaning toward spam building, thus that is a differnet story. On PVP blowing it open is an option. ON PVE, that is where i think it crosses a line to claim an obbie. But fast travel on PVP or PVE-C has its down sides, but again, easily avoided with where you build.