Obelisk Areas and Corruption Aura

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Player damage or healing can not occur in Obelisk corruption area. Reasoning Magic of the Obelisk saps will to fight in its presence and counteracts the healing properties of healing items.

Players can not enter the area around an obelisk for 30 seconds to 1 minute after taking combat damage also activating your bracelet on maproom is also prohibited during this time period.


Another idea would be : You take no damage until you move after loading in (Not being moved btw you would have to take a step yourself). Reasoning for this is “You were still out of phase after the transport.”

Maybe the obelisk should have a one way door as an exit (all around it, so no one can camp the exit. Only can go out. Atuning can be tweaked to touch a lore stone outside the doors. This would allow a person to fully load and then exit where they want and defend themselves if necessary.

Why do you want this?

Keep in mind that corruption occurs not just at obelisks but in some dungeons, when you obviously would not want to prevent damage.

Only the corruption at the obelisk not anywhere else.

Yeah, I’m with Bremen on this.

Why? :confused:

Seems to be about removing the incentive to “spawn camp” obelisks - I don’t play PvP so I don’t know if that is a common tactic, though I wouldn’t be particularly surprised to learn that it is.

I know it’s a common troll tactic to wall the things off, but I don’t know about “spawn camping”. Doesn’t seem like that much of an issue. Or if it is, how are these changes supposed to stop it?

spawn camping is when you see the persons character, you can kill them,. Problem is, that the person hasn’t fully loaded in game there, so when their load screen finishes, they are dead. I could care less tbh. But wanted to throw out a solution of sorts. By adding a walled in area that is exit only, a person would fully load and could defend once they exited. Not just camping either, as sometimes a NPC (eff yo panthers!!!) bleed you out lol.

It seems like a better/easier solution would be to offer invulnerability after teleporting for a few seconds (or when the character moves, whichever is sooner).


I already know what spawn camping is. I’m just not so sure it’s particularly common in CE. Not that I play PvP a lot, mind you. It just doesn’t seem like it would be worth it here.

Wherever you have a game that allows PVP, you are going to get wankers that camp respawn points.

This is what turned me off World of Warcraft. Jackass high level characters camping graveyards in low level areas to kill lowbies as they respawn.

Blizzard slowly tried fixing this, I think, by placing high level faction guards in the area to try and stop it. Though I’m not sure how successful it was. I haven’t played since WotLK and that was on a private server that didn’t have the problem.

The best solution seems to just remove the corruption and make the obelisk exude some sort of magic aura. The corruption AoE points to this being doable. As I stated elsewhere, simplest way to stop this is to lockdown any PVP in this aura.

Not by stopping it. But by punishing it. Any PVP kill in this AoE results in instant death and loss of all gear. You wake up naked wherever your respawn is set.

No warnings or light punishment. Just instant and harsh. With a couple markers near the outer bounds of the AoE, which could be about a 30’ circle around the obelisk. So you have time to load in, get your defenses up, and be coherent before you leave the circle. Probably also an immunity to ranged weapons buff to stop them from standing outside and firing in.

Sure you’ll get some people shocked as hell when they lose their gear. But they’ll also learn quick to stop doing this.

The only sure way to deal with people like this, is extreme and harsh justice. They won’t learn anything if you go any lighter than that.

Maybe throw in a counter on your character save file. That ticks up by one each time you do this.

1st and 2nd offense, you lose all your gear and respawn.
3rd and 4th offense, you lose all your gear and respawn with the effects of the Lotus, forced to redo all of your feats and attribute points.
5th offense, your character is completely and utterly destroyed. Your save file is wiped in the same manner as beating the game and leaving the Exiled Lands, without the achievement.

And a screen pops up just before it happens.

Your save is being deleted for griefing.
Thank you and have a nice day.

The OP suggestion does not seem very sensible … there are NPC near obelisks that will attack players - if we can’t fight back or heal whilst in close proximity to the obelisk then we are defenceless against them.
I find getting trapped up against a surface by an npc is very dangerous and having an invisible barrier around the obelisks that will repell me as I’m rolling or running away from an npc (or player, players thrall or pet) would be very undesirable and quite deadly.

Re: Crysis suggestion of instant death and gear loss if YOU do a PvP kill within an obeslisk corruption zone … well Unfortunately people will find other ways to kill players whilst they are in a loading screen or within close proximity to an obelisk. Or they will attack and bring them close to death and then chase them as they flee and wait until they’ve cleared the instant death area to do the kill.
Or they will build their inescapable obelisk surrounding structure a bit further out and get their easy unsportsmanlike kills just outside of the “death if you PvP” zone.
Or they will grief others by inducing them to kill them … go in with minimal gear they don’t care about and attack someone … the dive into the “instant death zone” and have the killing blow get them in that area and the person who didn’t initiate the fight gets the instant death punishment.
And quite frankly people who get their kicks by griefing others won’t care about having to redo feats or having their saved game deleted after x offences … they’d probably absolutely delight in doing this type of behaviour at the minimal level possible.

It’s a PvP game. Part of that involves people doing “mean” things. If you don’t like that aspect, don’t play PvP? In fact, there’s a special mode just for people who want managed PvP: PvE-C mode. Otherwise, man up and deal with it?

NO combat around obelisks . Thats means animals and other npcs also.

Banning would work I guess I just figured an in lore solution would work. This solution was not intended to prevent obelisk wall off , it was intended to prevent people from being killed in a loading screen (thus not being able to fight back thus no pvp).

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