Remove enemies near the Obelisks

There is a big issue with enemies near the obelisks. In my case, my body spawns at the obelisk before my screen finishes the loading animation screen which gives creatures the opportunity to kill me before I get to control my body. This usually happens near the sinkhole, the jungle near the river and the unnamed city. By the time the screen stops loading, I find my body is dead and I spawn in the desert or back in the base. Please find a way to remove this issue for players that have similar situations as mine.


this, or simply wait for the loading screen to go away before spawning the player.

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I think this is an UE4 settings they can’t change.

I’ve had loading times take literal minutes when traveling to an obelisk.

So while I’m still waiting for the game to load in, I’ve already heard my arrival to the obelisk. Next thing I know the game finally fully loads and I have light corruption.

I thought that was bad enough, but I’d be pissed if I ended up loading in dead.


Bump! This needs to be addressed during pvp times on PVE-conflict servers. So ■■■■■■■ er I mean, so that other players that like to camp out at obelisks can not kill you before you even load in. A safe bubble or safe time of 1 or 2 mins after traveling from a map room would be great.


Agreed, I often find myself being attacked by a panther when I use the jungle oblisek.

Maybe make the corruption push away normal mobs then things like panthers and spiders etc would not enter the corruption zone of the obelisk.