Death at Obelisks!

I dont really have complaints about the game.
Sure their is the odd problem here and there.

But what really grinds my gears. And I am sure many others too!!

When you fast travel to a location. Your body arrives before your loading has finished and you end up dead because you’re being attacked. You load to a dead body.
Have a Thrall with you doesn’t always work as they seem to disappear into the mesh.
The Sink hole location is great for this.

Also loading out of places on Siptah like the Tower.

#funcom #zendesk is this ever going be fixed?


Are you using a 5400rpm hard drive or something?

So lately, just in the past two weeks, when I am logging in, the loading screen is there, yet I hear the ambient noises as if I am logged in already. I am not sure what has changed to cause this, but I do not have this issue at the obelisks, just when I am initially logging in.

No. Consoles. Both PS and Xbox…

The only time I die after teleporting is when I alt+tab out during the loading screen to do something else for a few seconds, then get distracted for many more seconds than intended.

However, I do sometimes take unavoidable damage, and damage is reason enough for me to side with OP.

I am not really sure what the ideal solution would be, maybe a few seconds of cloaking would do it.

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Eventually they’re going to probably add anti-PVP zones to the obelisks. If you can add PVP zones to PVE servers in warbanners, than doing the opposite should be possible at an obelisk.

Either that or an invulnerability buff from fast travel that fades on movement/action.


I hope not. Look if you are on PvP, expect PvP. That means fast travel comes with risks… dungeon crawling during the combat times come with risks. This isn’t your own personal game…others are in it and they are given 5 hours out of 23.9 (server restart takes time out) to try to kill you…only 5 hours…play around that time if you don’t like it. As far as NPCs…still back to the risk of it all. Level up… armor up. I have yet to die to NPCs…but came close a few times…mostly at the bridge of betrayer and at the jungle ob when running naked

I don’t have a problem with people attacking or ambushing near an Obelisk (perfectly legitimate , if somewhat sneaky tactic, I approve heh) However I do have an issue with NPC’s and players killing you while you are still seeing a loading screen. You should have the chance to at least defend yourself.

I have experienced it, and it’s not fun, not fun at all.

It’s just not cricket Watson.


They’re not talking about NPCs. There isn’t an NPC near the obelisks that can kill you before you login.

Its a player sitting at the spawn in point poking you to death before you load in. That’s not PVP, that’s exploiting. PVP is at its basis Player Versus Player. There has to be another player at the controls. In this case there isn’t.

This is akin to loading up mortal kombat in 2 player and thinking you’re boss when there’s no one holding the other controller.

No. Im just talking Npcs on PVE. Especially those pesky undead hyenas!
You can have the best armor possible, but if your load time is lagging from the server, you have no chance of defending yourself.
Or they push you off the edge and down into the sink hole. Poof dead… yes its happened to me.

Yes the same at both jungle obelisks in the west of exiles land. I hate this panthers. Nearly everytime i travel there i am bleeding and nearly death or already death.
Ps4 btw

It needs a system that protects you. Invisible mode for npc after travel until you start moving or something like this.

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Exploting no more than getting raided offline and I haven’t a problem with offline raiding. Thing with both of these is that they can be avoided by being careful or not taking shortcuts…that jerk clan on and during raid time? Don’t use the Obs and avoid dungeons. You bring up mortal combat… and I totally agree with the analogy. There are those that want conan to be mortal kombat…they are the ones that typically think you shouldn’t be able to offline raid. I like Conan. While I think we should limit exploits of game mechanics, I view the load screens differently than foundation spamming or under meshing. I view the teleporting magic leaves you disoriented for 30-60 seconds and dungeons entering and exiting leaves you vunerable for a brief minute. Totally different than using a mechanic to prevent people from building on top of eachother as a means to protect themselves from Trebs.

I get it. I haven’t had an issue witthe the sinkhole as much as the panther at the Jungle Ob and the undead legion at the bridge. But I can see it. Especially if it’s a long load time. The thing is, these are shortcuts and should have risks associated with their use. If you don’t trust them, don’t use them. It’s not like you have to use them. I believe there was a discussion with the developers about the obs and now with horses, they don’t feel teleporting is needed. I agree even if that is a pain in my own behind because I have gotten sooooo used to them…which one could argue has made me weak and dependent.

This is just your headcanon coming up with a logic to explain a limitation.

If they wanted this to be true, they could implement a “teleportation sickness” debuff that causes your character to be unable to move for a certain amount of time regardless of how quickly the area loaded, but this is not the case. Different systems load at different speeds, and different conditions can also affect load times, such as large bases near the obelisk slowing load or going back to a place you were just at speeding up the load time.

If they want to implement your headcanon, then bring everyone down to the same level with a debuff, otherwise some sort of temporary invisibility or immunity would be preferred.

True…but there isn’t a fix to this outside of a zone of no damage which is just more stuff for the server and your system to process. You are literally jumping from one location to another and that requires a load screen…actually there is another thing they could do but I’m not sure if it would make things worse or not…your location isn’t determined until load is done. However I think that may be problematic if you get mulitiple people jumping to the same OB…could be both of you blow up at the same time as you both try to enter the new area. If it’s processing your location as it goes, it moves you to a spot that doesn’t kill you.

PS4 and Xbox One?

They both have 5400 RPM HDD.

I run a fairly cheap Kingston SA400 SSD on my computer and load in from teleports within seconds, like 3 seconds tops.

Could just be some peoples internet also.
My advice, do not use the microwave when teleporting, or change your GHZ to 5.0.

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