Exiting the Well of Skelos

Hi, last night I had the misfortune to exit the Well of Skelos at full health and have my next load screen be naked in the desert. Apparently I was killed by a fighter 3 before I even transitioned. I would like to suggest that the spawn point for exiting the well should be placed a little further out or give the player some immunity until such time they can actually move. By the time I actually got back to get my gear it was gone and this left me feeling more than a little annoyed.


HUGE problem on PvP servers for players with HDDs or slow PCs -> They get killed at obelisks from other players too after teleporting.

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This happens on console aswell as it takes about 10 seconds if not longer for a loading screen to finish after teleporting through obelisks, someone can easily kill you in that time.

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I feel you sis, I really do. I always go on the well solo because i find it really challenging. It is one of the ‘dungeons’ that you can solo, so i don’t loose that chance. Still it happens a lot of times to me too, to die while i am still to the loading screen. So my solution to this is to put a bedroll close to the well and a chest with ice inside. Now if you are lvl 60 you can always put a shield with heat protection in to the chest too. It will make your life so much easier, to restore your belongings. Another trick that i do is to climb high and take the seprent mans weapon recipes. When i take the recipe i jump to the void. 2 times that i enter this way i exit alive. I don’t know if it is luck or not, but i exit alive :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

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It always happens. All the time. Everywhere. Just get use to it.


Thanks, I had put a bedroll down but couldn’t make it back to my body in time. I was planning on putting a small hut up there.

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