Exiting the Well, on console

So, I was feeling pretty good about myself, beat the volcano, yay, I’m awesome.

So I exit, and what do I see?

My corpse, because some genius decided to place enemies at a load screen exit, and I was slaughtered before I had any control.

For extra fun?

The same thing happens with respawning at bedrolls in either hot or cold areas, dead before the load screen is done.

Thanks for putting the FUN in Funcom guys.

Are you running CE from a 5400rpm hard drive or something?

Console bro. It happens to most of us on console. Your body spawns in on the server before you can see or do squat. I just don’t even bother with the well anymore. Same thing happens at the jungle obelisk. Already got a bunch of damage off the panthers before you even spawn on screen.

So, I can assume it’s been a problem since literally Day One, and they’ve never done a thing about it? Not some semi-recent addition that might eventually get corrected?

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The console literally won’t read a faster drive any faster than its original if you put one in. It’s rough.

How hard would it really be for them to spawn you in aggro-free until the client sends some sort of “I’m done being stupid now” packet?

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It comes and goes for me. I don’t even go to the well anymore. Just hang around the top section for thralls and to farm stone. Obsidian takes way too long to cook in the forge there and if you die on the way out it’s a pain in the ass to get back unless you’ve got a base with a second set of gear there.

One of later patches actually adjusted this. 7200prm and SSD are compatible with ps4.

I have decent 2TB in mine, there not much of boost since its still just normal HD, But extended SSD helps ALOT. But CE issue is it still loads you in before load screen drops, giving anything near by a chance run over and beat you around. Even weather effects.

You can be in Dregs and see if Sandstorm is coming, but one click on exit door, and you can waltz right out into one coming down on ya. XD

Its really just one of those things, players need some form of immunity till they themselves move.

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