Don't place the player in the world while they're stuck in a loading screen

Xbox One S, but I’m sure it happens to varying degrees on every system.

A few days ago, I exited the Well of Skelos only to find that a fighter had pecked me to death while I was staring at a loading screen. I exited loading directly to already being dead. Today, I was exploring the well again and the server crashed. I was near some dead things that will 100% have respawned by the time I can log back in.

Who wants to place bets on what’s going to happen to me during that loading screen? I’m ok with difficulty but it’s ridiculously frustrating to be losing my best stuff for reasons that are 100% out of my control.

The player needs to be immobile, invisible, and invincible until the client sends an all-clear packet to confirm that it has control.

As an added idea, maybe don’t put any creatures within aggro range of a loading screen transition.

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Dude this is an age old problem/discussion that has plagued gamers for quite a few years.

It’s not that we don’t empathise, we do, but it’s something that doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon.

Think of it like a right of passage…in which case…congratulations! You’re in the “killed while loading into the game and experiencing untold amounts of frustration and anger” club!!


Well I mean… you’re “loading”… so you can’t really do anything during that time anyway right? The splash screen is probably just there so you don’t see all the game engine shenanigans making life ugly.

I completely agree with this. Could even go as far as saying that the chance of there being in a sandstorm and dying immediately at character creation should have been prevented years ago. Imagine a new player trying out the game and they just die repeatedly at respawn because of a giant storm. BAD first impression.

Anyways, it is simple fix that wildlife should be moved or have their aggro adjusted next to obelisk. Good examples - undead hyenas by sinkhole, panthers by jungle ob. I’ve spawned in both areas nearly dead and bleeding, not great gameplay design.

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