So I make it to the Volcano

I build up, I finally get a decent thrall, some decent armour, weapons, etc… and decide to take on the volcano.

I negotiate my path through and over lava trails , and strange gardens filled with alien looking plants with poisonous fumes, but its ok! I was smart enough to bring my sandstorm mask!

I hack and slash my way through numerous guards, and denizens lurking within.

I clamber my way to find hidden feats of knowledge, jump through the portal , and fight against serpent men, and even kill their leader, claiming a strange object as my prize!

I make my way back to the portal, and jump back through, to see …a loading screen, and then, an animation of my death.

Apparently the guards (whom I already killed on the way in) can kill you while you are still loading.

Lost it all.

This pains me Funcom, it truly does.


That is sad for sure. Did you get your stuff and thrall back? I am looking forward to you writing a chronicle of the Volcano :volcano:


Too many things can kill you when they should not be able to interact until you can.


Not quite.

I lost everything on me, which included a legendary weapon etc, so that was painful. Just couldn’t get to it.

However my thrall survived weirdly, in fact she made home all nonchalant 'n stuff, so next time on the way back she’s carrying everything, and I’m jumping through nude.

Yeah, its not the first time I’ve had this unfortunate experience, but this one was truly a kick in the teeth.

This game can be brutal sometimes, and that doesn’t even include the PvP aspect.

This was on an official server, so if anyone found all my stuff, you’re welcome! lol


It would be interesting to see what happened to you as you were teleporting. My wife and I have TVs close to each other so you can see what happens on her screen as I am still in limbo.

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To speed up loading screen, you can use a SSD on PC instead of a hard disk. 10 times faster :slight_smile:


I wonder if a ssd would speed up Ps4?

That sounds so good, but unfortunately this is what us PS4 Potato-types have to put up with.

Not quite ready for a full PC-veggie upgrade, but maybe the PS5 would improve things? (Can’t remember the specs off the top of my head, but I think it has an SSD?)

Anyway, I will rebuild, and try again… I roll with the punches me.


Depends on the model type, as they are quite different over time. My two PS4s will not benefit from an SSD, according to Sony. I had to ask them to be sure. In my case, a hybrid hard drive might theoretically speed loading times by 4.3x, according to Rockstar re Red Dead 2.

@Crompox more stories ASAP

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With a SSD, loading screens are 1 or 2 sconds. I have a 2 year pc computer, I5 intel and RTX 2060 super.

PS5 has a SSD, just see this on google, go for it!


Yes. This has been a problem a lot of us have been grumbling about for ages. It occasionally manifests in PVE, like it did for you, but it’s usually brought up in PVP combat context, when people who exploit this by camping obelisks get accused of being cheaters.

Sucks that it never gets fixed :frowning:


Last break saw that there is a external ssd licensed by Sony that has iffy reviews but cheap didn’t specify how much of a difference it makes.

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