Camping oblisk is a big problem

It’s not fair when someone camp the oblisk waiting for anyone to teleport to kill him and take his loot then running away i think there used to be cool down while loading


The idea is that you are taking the ‘‘risk’’ when using a maproom, the risk of getting mauled with zero chance of fighing back, in exchange of fast travel.

Is it fair, nice and fun? Don’t ask me.

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It is frustrating at time I agree. But in some cases it’s a your advantage.

Nothing fair, no advantage, no s… t, nothing. If you wear pants and you want to fight, do it as a man with b… s. Every single private pvp server has spawn kill ban. Not only to the obeliscks but to the dungeon entrance too. There’s no fair play to this feature when it comes to pvp. I think that this issue must be reported like the undermash constructions. Conan wouldn’t kill this way and surely no real fighter too. Only a real chicken


When your enemy is trying to escape with the loot and one of your clan mate is at the obelisk. That’s at your advantage

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The problem is that the player’s toon appears at the destination and is vulnerable before the player has even transitioned out of the loading screen. If they fixed that, obelisk camping would be a perfectly legit strategy. As it is, you’re taking advantage of the game’s flaws to unfairly kill other players.


I don’t think that it is unintended. Even though i find it horrendous making the character invulnerable while teleporting seems so godamn simple to implement that almost looks like someone thought ‘‘hey, people being killeble while loading is a new layer of strategy’’.

Nah it’s fine. It’s just the risk of teleporting across the map. Be careful when you do it, or just ride horses.

I don’t think it’s fine at all. It punishes people with poor computers or internet connections, while being no problem for people with top end computers and great internet connections.

The player’s toon should be invisible and invulnerable until loading is finished. It’s not a hard fix, it just needs to be done. There’s no good reason to leave it the way it is, and unfairly punishes certain types of players.

For reference, though, I “play” on a private server as an admin, so personally am not affected by this. I also have a beast computer on gigabyte connection.

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You SHOULD be punished imo for having garbage connection in a pvp server. Normally, the person with garbage connection and the person with good connection are both affected by the lag from the person with poor connection (talking about regular pvp), so punishing poor connection isn’t a big deal. It’s a risk— if you take it, that’s your fault. It can be solved by taking the 15 seconds to teleport naked first.

it is actually even worse than that an entire clan has taken to actively(near solely daily activity) obelisk gank with horses on the server I play on, the overpowerd aspect of the horse with no counter means you loose half your health with a bleed even if you do manage to load in fast to react.

the unfortunate thing is too you can rip down their bases etc but all they need is a horse and a stick to “have fun”, which are far too easy to acquire.

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Can I just say, this is a very poor attitude to have. Poor connections are not often the fault of the player. What you are basically saying, is that you should be punished for living in a rural area or having financial hardship. Ability to play the game should not be based on your socioeconomic standing. The loading in lag time was not put in by developers to punish people who cannot afford or access fast internet connections and should be addressed. First because it is unfair and second because it is intentionally being exploited.


Yea I have to agree. The exile lands are dangerous and if you see that a foe is online then you may want to jump through naked first and make sure the coast is clear. Fast travel is always nice but should also carry risk, no one can get you unawares if you just run to where you need to be

“Exiled Lands are dangerous” is an idea that applies to things you can do in-game. If you run around the Mounds and get mobbed by wights, that’s Exile Lands being dangerous. If you build a sandstone base next to another player’s black ice castle on a PVP server and it gets razed, that’s Exile Lands being dangerous.

Applying the same idea to the disparities brought on by the state of your hardware is nonsensical. “Your game was showing the loading screen for 30 seconds and you got killed? Exiled Lands are dangerous!”

When it comes to camping at the obelisks, the inherent dangers of teleporting are:

  • There are fixed spots on the map. You can’t just teleport anywhere you wish. Your enemies can anticipate that and set up an ambush.
  • The obelisk lights up with a beacon – similar to those from T3 shrines – before you teleport. It gives anyone around the obelisk a signal that there’s someone coming through, which can facilitate an ambush.
  • You arrive at an area where you immediately start accumulating corruption.

Those are the dangers of teleporting in the Exiled Lands and nobody is complaining against that. What people are complaining about is being stuck in the loading screen for a period of time that depends on your hardware and on how much player-built stuff surrounds the obelisk, while your character is at the destination, vulnerable and out of your control.

If you’re going to defend the current state of obelisk camping, at least be honest and say “I like ganking players who have no control over their characters.”


If we’re talking about fairness…

You can camp at obelisks, waiting for your enemies to teleport in and kill them. It’s not a feature that is available only to a select group of players. So strictly speaking, it’s fair.

The disparity comes from the teleporting person being at a disadvantage compared to the person who camps. But is that unfair? Is it any more unfair than attacking someone who’s lower level than you, or has weaker equipment, or has allocated their stat points for harvesting?

Is killing someone during loading screen a stupid feature? Yes, absolutely. Is it unfair? No, because everyone can do it. It’s just a matter of perspective depending on whether you’re the attacker or the target.

If killing someone while loading at obnelisk is fair, then stealing stuff from bases in the past because of slow base loading was fair too?!

Everyone can do it, so its fair.
Do you apply same logic for cheats and exploits?!

OP did not asked for making obelisk camping impossible, just for the option to have a fair chance to escape from one…


Slow base loading was obviously an unintended feature, and exploiting it was wrong. Not unfair, not fair - wrong. Same applies to all cheats and exploits. It’s not a question of fairness, it’s a question of right and wrong.

Criminals don’t make laws unfair simply because they break laws. The same laws apply to everyone, and those who break the laws are punished.

Teleporting is optional, and the resulting loading screen is a known feature. (The loading screen while exiting from dungeons is a worse case because dungeons tend to have only one exit.) If you don’t like the feature, ask it to be changed, but don’t argue about fairness when it has nothing to do with the matter.

Not all of the people can be criminals.

Nope, otherwise big corporations would pay taxes for example. Again, not something everyone can do…

I was just interested if exploiting is fair for you since everyone can start exploiting in CE within minutes.

Funcom would like to apply your thinking for exploits/cheating, it would solve of their issues with reports instantly.

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[quote=“Kapoteeni, post:17, topic:109560”]
Slow base loading was obviously an unintended feature, and exploiting it was wrong. Not unfair, not fair - wrong .
[/quote] I would argue that slow loading at the Oblesik, or rather the fact that your avatar appears in world before your load screen completes is not an intended feature. So by exploiting that, by your logic it would be wrong.

However, I might also point out that it IS also unfair. Because depending on your hardware/internet access people are experiencing different opportunities. If someone has lightening fast internet and a supped up rig, they will load very quickly and will not be stuck waiting for the loading screen when they teleport. So they will not be caught unaware like someone with a poorer connection or slower computer. While the latter person could camp the obelisk too, they would not be able to catch the person unaware like they are caught. This is objectively unfair.

Now I would also argue that obelisk camping is a cheap chicken way to play the game. That’s just my subjective opinion. But you or anyone else has a right to do it, once the loading is fixed it will be fair game. Until then it is not.

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