Teleport immunity (the saga continues)

On PvP 1313 where I play, several players have been camping obelisks. You teleport to an obelisk, you get loading screen, the loading screen goes away and you spawn at the obelisk´s location… dead and waiting for respawn. This is clearly an exploit, since they are using the game´s weakness to achieve something they clearly are not meant to be able to do - kill other players without them being able to fight back due to the game loading. They are clearly c*nts, but at the same time I have to ask, why can they even do this? A number of other games has temporary teleportation/location loading immunity that lasts usually between like 10-40 seconds. Just have players get immunity from all player-induced damage for say, 20-30 seconds from the moment they go to the loading screen (however that would actually be coded).

Would it then be exploitable the other way around? I guess, to an extent, but incomparably less so than what the current lack of teleportation immunity allows. Why should there even be any incentive for players to loiter around obelisks? Give them even more of a reason to get the hell away, in case someone else teleports there and their immunity lasts say, 10 seconds even after they are battle-ready (which is likely inevitable, because loading times are not the same for everyone). Then again, this could be made completely fair and balanced if you give immunity for lets say, 1 or even 2 minutes, but the moment the player moves in any way, they lose the immunity (which is exactly what was implemented in another game, can´t recall which though).

Before someone starts reeeing about how I should get a better PC, its weakest point by far is 8 GB RAM, which is not terribly much, but it is this game´s official recommended value, so no, I am not playing this on a toaster and should not be punished for not playing on a state of the art computer.


I agree there should be a protection bubble making the teleported player immune to damage for 30 sec and when he/she performs an attack breaks the protection.

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