Attempting to place a Dye, the object does not render visually

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: NA
Version: 149648/22316

Recently some objects I’ve attempted to apply a dye upon, will not render properly after selecting the object and entering the “Dye” menu. It has worked for me in the past.

I noticed that I CAN set a dye on the same object if I open it within my Inventory (I) menu, for the same object.

When I switch back to the Armorer Bench / Crafting (E) menu, it does not function. Screenshots are from within this menu.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Enter the Armorer’s bench, with a Thrall Zavek present, if it matters.
  • For an armor item in your inventory or on the bench, select it, and press the Dye menu.
  • In my case, the object will not render, though the slots for positions that are colorable, and my dye in hand will be shown.
  • Contrast this with the same Dye menu from the personal Inventory screen, accessed via the “I” default key.

Additionally, could we improve the default template for this section to:

  • Add the Version field, possibly pre-filled with the latest version.
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I’ve had that happen and it’s annoying, but you figured out the reason. If your interface is an open box, you get that effect. It has been that way since I started (I think) last November.

Exit the box and access your inventory, then you will see the object when you start the dye process (unless something broke), like you said.

Personally, I do not perceive this as a bug, just a process.



Hey @bedwin

Thanks for the feedback, we’ve relayed it to our team so it can be looked upon.

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