Bug: Dyeing Armor while equipped on thrall

Game mode: Online official | Online private | Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: America

Armor equipped on a thrall can be dyed on their bodies, but the dye effect will not appear until the armor is unequipped/equipped.

To Reproduce

  1. Equip armor onto thrall
  2. Click armor piece, click More>Dye
  3. Dye piece like normal
  4. Exit the interaction and see armor is still default color
  5. Interact, unequip/equip and the piece will show dye.

Good information, as always, @Barnes.

I experienced a crash to desktop (at that time repeatable) when I transfered armor/weapons, directly to the thrall’s armor/weap slot. It got me in the habit of removing his equipment to his inventory and then transferring it to my inventory.

I’ve tried to replicate that CTD later and found I no longer had that problem, but it ingrained a habit I maintain to this day.

So, your workaround is to only dye a thrall’s armor while in your inventory?

It’s still a bug, BTW. I wonder what relogging would do when in that state? Or leaving him somewhere and returning, essentially reloading the thrall.



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Yeah I noticed this the other day (my thrall had killed a certain named crafter I wanted and his punishment was bright pink armor). Never got around to writing a bug report on it though.


Hey @Barnes

Thanks for the report, we’re sending it to our team :slight_smile:

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Relogging does nothing to the armor color. When the server restarts, the dye is applied like normal! :smiley:

Ordinarily when I’m dyeing for thralls I place the armor on my character first so I can model the flavor of it. Didn’t have the luxury of this as it was more effective to right-click transfer armor onto my duders in one long line. I “came into” some 30 sets of various Elite Heavy, and my gang needed upgrades, rapidly…

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