Attribute bug fix?

Got to lvl 60 now only have 59 attribute points…
I seen this has happened before…is there a fix for this?
Im kinda far in the journey steps,my buildings and thralls…or i would just delete and start again…im solo on pve 6109…tried yellow lotus and beastial potions…no luck.

Official server?


You are out of luck then. You can try sending a ticket via ZenDesk but I doubt they would offer any assistance. Re-creating is the only way on officials just make sure you have someone to keep your stuff and reinvite you to your clan.

Kinda figured that…was hoping there was something other than making a whole new character…ty tho.

Sad man, I also saw someone being lvl 61 in the player list. No idea how he did that.

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TY…Its all good man i already started a new toon and im 60 already,having fun.

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