Atzel's Approach spawns


WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?! It’s insanity.


lol. Looks like there were some spawn issues.


If I remember correctly, that is part of a quest. When an alarm goes off all of the Humanoid mobs come to investigate. If you wait a bit they return to their original locations. Same thing happens if you attack a cart I think.
It is actually a good way to farm if you or your group can handle them.


In that location, especially, a lot of Atzel’s NPCs come running to check out the fires that are being set at the different palisades. They also come running out for all manner of reasons (lunch breaks, kill some unlucky player, watch the latest FC streaming video, etc). If you wait, they will wander back to where they came, but don’t hang around, or else fifty or more of the Atzel’s NPC may zerg you.

Good luck,



Yup that is what that was. Got the quest myself. Thanks for replies!

But oh boy I still hate this zone so much…enemies spawning more enemies by blowing those horns (seemingly even if someone is just passing by on mount) enemies running out of tents…jesus. Layout of the zone is also insane to me.

No idea how class like Assasin would be able to deal with this nightmare. Glad I play HoX.

EDIT: Alright I guess I was just in bad mood since it really is not bad zone at all! The layout was confusing me at first but then I found out about that shortcut across mountain range which made traveling trough it MUCH easier.