Some enemies spawn in late

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: Local
Region: Local

There are enemies that don’t spawn until I’m very close-by (a distance of 3 or 4 foundations, sometimes even less):

  • the bear north of Freya’s Hovel
  • the right archer at the eastern entrance of New Asagarth

There are probably a few more, but those two always work. I haven’t noticed it happening with other bears or humans yet, so I’m assuming it’s a problem with only a select few enemies.

Step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced:

For the bear:

  1. Walk south from The Scraps or some other point north of Freya’s Hovel.
  2. The bear doesn’t spawn until you’re within 3 or 4 foundations of distance.

For the archer:

  1. Enter New Asagarth through the eastern entrance.
  2. The right archer at the entrance doesn’t spawn until you’re basically right next to them.

Since this is single-player PC: are you using any mods that affect NPC spawns? (Or any other mods for that matter.)

I’ve encountered this phenomenon as well, in particular the gate-guarding archer at New Asagarth, in my single-player game. If you’re not using mods and still have this bug, it should narrow down the possible causes. If we’re using the same mods, one of those might be the culprit.

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I’m not using any mods, no. It must a bug within the vanilla game.


Now that I think of it, I remember not seeing the bear you mean either. Usually I don’t pay attention to things that aren’t there (except my imaginary friends) but I remember I needed a bear for something once, went looking for one and thought “hmm, I’m sure there used to be a bear here” where there was none, exactly where you say.

There are probably some others that spawn late or in weird conditions. The “Exiles wanderer spawn 1” near the broken bridge has a crocodile that always spawns, and a named Exile fighter that always spawns, but sometimes when I go in I see only the crocodile. I kill the crocodile and then walk away, and when I turn back the Exile fighter is there. Sometimes they both spawn at the same time and I need to rescue the silly Exile from the crocodile because I’m still missing one of the possible fighters from my collection.

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