Multiple NPCs just spawn in the same spot

Game Mode : Single-player.
Bug : multiple NPCs just spawn in the same spot
Server Type : PvE
Region : North America (I guess)

First, sorry for my bad english im french.

After the new patch i have a problem with my game. All NPCs spawn on double or triple same for the boss. I don’t have any mod.

EDIT: Now i can post screen ! Yay.



I believe I may have a similar issue… A ton of wolves ‘hanging’ out at my place. :stuck_out_tongue:


The multiple spawns bug has been present for several patches. The problem is now it seems to have become worse and especially bothersome is the wolves multiplying.

Some examples:
Mammoth Rider’s Shanty: Normally 1 Archer and a random Crafter NPC. I have seen 8 archers and 8 random thralls.

Asgard Gate: Normally (since the patch) its 1 fighhter, 1 wolf and 1 archer. Now the archer here has a respawn that happens whenever you cross certain thresholds and i’ve seen at most 2. But i have seen the wolf and fighter multiply to in excess of 20 each. Most groups of camps in Asgard are capable of multiplying to insane levels making it virtually impenetrable.

With combat being more hazardous since the latest patch thi8s mass increase in numbers have made some camps death traps with no chance of survival when what should be 2 or 3 NPCs become 10 or more frequently. I really hope this bug gets addressed ASAP as its made several areas of the map inaccessible.

Otherwise the new patch was great.


That is impossible for me make a dungeon because two boss spawn and army spider is here. More 50 freaking spider spawned. :frowning:

Hey there

Our team is aware of this issue. Just for clarification: does this issue only happen in single player or also while playing in online official servers?


Think positive ))) You can get twice more loot at the same location! Or even triple.

@Ignasi, its happening to me - with wolves - in single player.

I go away from the base, to the camps above my house, come back and there are more.
Attacked one sitting wolf, it rose up… and then there were two.

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So far i can tell its a SP issue and i think it has something to do with the server host in SP.

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Its single player for me too.

I made a thread on the steam forums to discuss it with other players and there are now some example screenshots. Red Kappas, Pots and Pans, Crocodile Rock and tamed wolves are pictured, but others have complained about spiders and even some bosses.

The thread is titled “New Patch is cool, but unintentionally increased difficulty too much”, i’m sure you can find it if you want to see some example pics.

Official servers in the jungle i found a large grope of random Thrals including jhanos Nordheimer Priest archers from different tribe`s

It happen randomly in single player. Thralls, beasts and sometimes bosses.

I have a shaleback manifestation near my base on the Noob river ))) They are marching back and forth in groups but I can’t understand what are their demands. I think they want one more hotfix for SP )))

Multiple people are raising their voices in anger against me in Sepermeru as well (Single-player). They’re not actually attacking me, but when multiple people spawn in the same spot, they dislike the situation so much that they start taunting me verbally. It’s mildly disturbing and reminds me of real life.



Couldn’t fit them all in one screenshot.


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