Revives several NPS on place 1 killed

Hello everyone, I write through the translator, do not pay attention to errors. The essence of the question is clear from the title, if someone faced with similar, advise how to fix it.

Unfortunately the question in the title is not clear. :frowning: Perhaps ask the question in your native language, and let us try to translate that. Otherwise, maybe an example to help us understand what you mean. :thinking:

NPS возраждаются по несколько штук в одной точке.
Тоесть убил одного, на его месте спустя время появляется 2 или 3.

Here’s what Google translated: NPS are countered by several pieces at one point. Ie killed one, in its place after a time appears 2 or 3.

I take this to mean: Several NPCs are encountered at one spot. I killed one, and in its place 2 or 3 appear after a time.

So this problem was reported earlier and is being investigated by Funcom. I will try to find the post for you…

Okay, so if I understand correctly:

You kill one NPC (person or monster or animal), and after some time two or three spawn in the same spot.

This is a known problem, it has been reported to Funcom and they are trying to fix it. We just need to wait patiently and in the meantime - kill some more things.


I could not find this topic. In view of my knowledge of English.
And in the native language not find such information.

@Dekusy I found the post for you, sorry it took so much time:

Thanks so much. I will follow the news.

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