Multiple Spawns on Same Location

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So, there was thread on this, (couldnt find it) and its getting worse. (not to mention infinite meteors breaking game and crashing it)
But NPC are spawning several times from same spawns, Its fairly random.

One play thru, Mitra priest at Murirla’s hope, had 4 of her. (solo and offline) on brand new character. Another visit, she was just 1.

New Asgarth is by worst offender, What you think is 3 peeps, is really 10 to 15… (ps4 only handles so many of them moving at once)
each visit to one of these NPC tends to make it worse. But place like Asgarth, which can take a bit loot and circle, has habit of respawning them insanely quickly. Often right after there killed.

Havnt encountered issues in jungle, few of undead in snowy north do it, but seem limited to 2 a spot.
Deer of varies types and crocs do it to, and Hyenas seem to be taking after New Asgarth, what you think is 2 eating a corpse is often 3-4 doubled up, lol.

Steps on how to reproduce issue: Not sure… its just there and going on.

That was normaly only happend when other peopels knock out a npc whitout bring him too a wehll or kill him so most time he was spawn back and the knockt out one is stay back up sand go back too his position .i i have think they fixed this for a long time

Slightly different than that old issue, Cause before if you knock someone out and dragged them. If they fell thru map you could go to spawn location and find them in jesus mode, ko’d.

This is active NPC on a fresh restart, and even if i load a old back up save in solo.

And they can respawn almost instantly, and often double up the more you hang and return to area.

My favorite example of this was a octuple of bear I found on Telith’s Island.

No idea what causes this to happen. New Asagarth, from time to time runs into this issue as well with multiple duplicate spawns all over the city. Which is handy when you’re trying to farm religious zeal.

Ya, its had several benefits, and turn some fun encounters of “lolz easy kills baby!”

which turn into…
“Oh God!!! run away!!! oh god oh god!! crap!! why are there 11 of you, !!!”

Some of worse is when its 4 to 6 archers, showing you some love. XD

Fun part is once its about 5 on one spawn, there kinda stuck in spot, So tossing gas bombs or placing bombs has been insanely amusing. XD

Hi Sera. I started a thread about this topic you may have seen earlier. Same issue happening here. Started just after the Midnight Grove update. Either instant multiple spawns on the same exact spot or old spawns still lingering even after new spawns have been produced. This is happening across the map randomly and at all times of the day and night. Not all that big of deal after your leveled up, but it makes things extremely complicated for a lower level character. Not to mention killing the game immersion for all characters no matter the level.

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