Mulitple spwwns

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Solo player, Offline, PS4
This only started happening after the Midnight grove update. Where 2 deer or elk spawn there would be 4. If one bear would spawn in an area there would be 2. Sometimes the double spawns would happen right away, Other times when returning to an area a new spawn would happen while the old spawn was still present.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hi there, thanks for the report
Could you let me know the exact spot this happens?
Does it happen all the time on the same spot or is it happening randomly?
Can you also let me know what time you were playing when this happened?

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The deer and bear that doubled was in the area of The Breach. Moving material out of the volcano area the snakes doubled up along with those lava and rock creatures. I have had double human spawns in the same exact spot like the armorer in New Asagarth. One standing with his arms crossed the other making hand gestures. This doesn’t happen everytime just randomly. I am really liking this game and am playing it a lot, so I can’t give an exact time but between 1:00 PM EST and 11:00 PM EST. Thank you for your reply and I hope I can help make this an even better game :slight_smile:

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Time mark 7:40 PM EST just north of the Shattered Basin like your heading to Freya’s Hovel. Double deer and double elk.

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