Mob spawn problem

Me and my friend have a private server and after a little while, multiple NPCs just spawn in the same spot
You’d see 2 Darfari and then suddenly 20 pop out from them
You’d find 7 crocodiles walking around where like 1 or 2 would spawn
They just keep multiplying and we don’t know why, we don’t see anyone else mentioning it either

Can you check if your mob spawning issue the same as in this thread?

They apparently had the mod called “Age of Calamitous” installed which seems to cause this.

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Ah yeah we have that mod. We’ll have to wait for an update on that mod then. Thanks!

I’ve encountered this issue on official servers.
Happened earlier today on Official 203, with the wraiths in the Mounds of the Dead.
One mod appears out of nowhere, then in a couple of seconds it starts multiplying into 6-7 mobs.

Hello! We play on xbox one platform and are currently having this issue, started out of nowhere, cant seem to fix it, even with reboot and completely scrapping the server to start over, is there any console fix?

I’m on my friends Private server through G-Portal and the only mod we have on is the Paragon Mod, which only effects Character Level’s attributes and feats. On server restart the problem tampers down for awhile but then within a weak (sort of like a data leak) the lag and multi spawn issues quickly get out of control. IE: Had 12 Rhino Bosses spawn in the same spot, so When I tried to poke it to get to follow me away from my base that was near by and he had wandered toward, I suddenly got insta gibbed wearing Perfected Heavy Armor with over 500 Armor and really High Vitality and Agility, by all 12 of the boss rhino’s. Luckily it’s my friend who owns the server and a Restart was quickly implemented. But going into Asgarth and facing a veritable horde of Screaming Nords brings back Flash backs of Skyrim with too many mods xD