Crazy Spawn rates

Game mode: Single-player (Decadent)
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: N/A
Game Version Latest update (12/19/18)

I started to experience crazy frame rate drops. Then I noticed the city across my base had a thousand thralls. Take a look…


I had issues for a long time with multiple thralls/animals spawning. I would walk by the river and see 20+ crocs, or 16 hyenas, sometimes elephants would spawn on top of each other. Thralls also spawned in multiples at the same spawn point. I was mostly able to handle 2-4x spawnage, but this was just ridiculous. There were hundreds!

This occurred at hunter’s view (-25008.925781 123476.21875 -7486.637207), I checked other cities and they had normal spawns. I exited to the main menu, and started the singleplayer game again, and the city was back to normal.

I’m not quite sure how to reproduce this bug. It seems that when I hang around smelting things, crafting, etc spawn rates get a little wonky. But I’m not 100% sure on this. At the time that the crazy spawn happened across my base, I had spent a few hours around my base doing large amounts(10,000+) of smelting, blacksmithing, craftsmaning, tanning, cooking etc.

@_@ It’s like, they are waiting for you…Machines…learning…Your name wouldn’t happen to be a John or Sarah Connor or anything would it?

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Hey there,

Is this an issue that happens if you disable those mods? That’s crazy :sweat_smile:


I don’t think LBPR causes that issue (I’m the author to this mod) but I can do some tests just to make sure.

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Love the mod! I use it and a lvl 151 mod, plus a few others. Not seen the issue.

Thank you for the kind words and report :slight_smile:

As to my testing, as expected I am still getting double spawns across random Thrall spawn locations, with or without LBPR enabled. I am unable to reproduce the infinite Thrall spawn as shown in the pictures here, though I suspect it has something to do with the multiple Thralls spawning on a single location glitch.

I agree, i have seen multiple thrall and animals spawns, but never at this point.

Must be a settings and duplicate combination. Decadent settings + highter spawn-rate + and multiple spawn bug on some points.

Ever in singleplayer i go barely never over standart spawnrate, that’s a fact.

I don’t think either one of those mods would cause multiple spawns, I wanted to add them in here for more clarification.

When I first started my singleplayer game, I didn’t have any mods and would still get multiple spawns. Got wrecked by crocs a few times too many xD.

Again I have been seeing 2-4x spawning at the same spawn point for weeks, but this specific issue where hundreds spawned has only happened once.

I haven’t touched any spawn rate settings either, it’s all the default values for decadent.

I also love the mod! Thanks for testing, I didn’t expect LBPR would have caused this issue, but it’s good to check anyways. I should have mentioned that when I first started playing this save I didn’t have any mods and still got multiple spawns.

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