BUG Over Spawning of NPCs Ruining Gameplay

Game mode: [Online Private]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [USA]

I am playing on a private server with one of my friends. It is his server, and he has no problem playing alone, however when I join the game there is a huge bug with overspawning. It starts out with me usually stationary i.e. in the building we constructed, and an NPC will spawn, usually an ostrich or something, even if I’m in a temperate climate where I have yet to see an ostrich. After killing it, 5 minutes later more spawn right in front of me, sometimes literally 50 at a time all on top of each other, to the point where I swing my sword to kill them and my framerate goes from 90 to like 2 because I killed 50 at a time. Then it gets even worse, and the game I was just in happened to spawn about 50 bears, then about a minute later spawn 10-20 elephants, then the gorillas, and finally like 3 or 4 giant bone monster things. We ended up not being able to continue playing because even if we kill all the NPCs, many more would spawn seconds later.

My question is this: Is this being looked into by FunCom? And is there any type of fix for it?

To reproduce the bug, literally I just log in and that’s it. The game does the rest.

Multiple spawn issues is marked as a known bug on the official Trello board. However, an almost instant re-spawn suggests to me that it’s the server settings you all have set up, rather then a bug. There is a server setting to change how often mobs respawn. The multiple spawns where more then one (though usually it’s only two, could be a mod causing this issue?) mob spawns is a bug, but the frequency of how often mobs respawn can be adjusted by server settings.

Nah, the server spawn rate is 0.5. Still tons of mobs spawning at a time. Also, we’re not using any mods at all.

the faster I have my spawn rate, the more likely I am to get similar results. Try going with the default of 1 as a simple test.

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