Multiple NPC's and Creatures Spawn at same point

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Multiple NPC’s or creatures spawn at the same point.
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There are always 2 bosses that spawn. NPC Merchants that you talk to have 2 faces, you can literally see the 2 NPC’s standing in the same spot. There is always 2 of every creature. I am new to the game and it took me a while to realize it was a glitch. I have looked this up and it has been a bug since 2018. How can this be? over 3 years and a known bug of this magnitude hasn’t been addressed?

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Play the game. It is present 100% of the time…
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Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:
I’m sorry to say I’ve never encountered this bug (or seen it reported) - a few questions that may help the smart people figure out what’s going on:
I see you tagged ‘steam’ so I presume you are on PC? (basic system specs and windows version might also be relevant?)

What game mode is this occurring in? (Singleplayer, official, private, PVP/PVE etc).

And just to clarify - it sounds like you are saying this double spawning occurs everywhere, with every spawn - is that correct?

Hopefully it may be possible to narrow down what parameters apply here. If, as you say, this is an old bug, then it’s possible some of the long-timers may remember it and have a solution?

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