[AU/NZ] Age Of Calamitous Come join our Server Everyday treasure hunt and so much more

Come join the journey with us on server [AU/NZ] Age Of Calamitous. A relaxed PVP server (no offline raiding). 40 slot server IP Address :
This server provides a wide range of game play styles and desires Relaxed PVP Zones, PVP Arena sanguis Camp and so much more.

Remember, to load the server you must load the mods in the Conan client in the exact order.
The Age of Calamitous
Pippi - User & Server Management - v2.1.11

Thralls x 10
Crafting x 2
Resource respawn x 2.5

XP x 5
Harvest amount x 5
Item durability x 0.3

Level 6 the highest it’s so much fun.
1 hr attacking time.

Decay is active.
Use repair hammer to see decay time.

Contact Admin in Conan Exiles Voice Chat today.

With the new, and upcoming patches to Conan, we are thinking about starting up a Conan Exiles server. This message is to see if anyone would be interested and for those to share it with their friends. We are always open to suggestions and ideas to improve our server, so feel free to write to us in the
#server-suggestion channel. Our current Ideas for the server include:

-3x harvest and 4x xp
-No horse pvp
-Weekend raid times