[Eu] Age of Calamitous new former pvp server no gods x5 harvest x10 exp no WIPE

HighNoon Pvp Server No Gods x5 harvest x10 exp
discord: discord.gg/JYQJYju
New Server PvP opening with mods there is vip starter pack for new joined for this week

Server infos:
Newly formed server with x5 harvest x10 Exp no Gods
active admins and no admin abuse
starter kits and vip starter kit for people who join this week
custom quest npc & custom npc for exachange certain item for pippi currency
market place Npc for selling and buying items
raids enabled 7h a day
weekly events will be held
making more kits and more stuff to come around

Raid times : 18:00- 01:00 German times
Max Player slot : 20 as start can expand later on
Server location : Germany
Player does not stay in world on logout


  1. Pippi - User & Server Management
  2. The Age of Calamitous
  3. Pickup+
  4. LitMan Item Stack & ContainerSize
  5. Lemurian architect
  6. WARRIOR Mutator for Conan Exiles
  7. EmberLight
    8.Immersive server mode
    9.Glass Construction
    10.Exitic Dancer thralls
    11.level 300
    13.Dye More better
    14.Exiled Lands improved
    15.Improved Quality of Life
    16.Sexy Silent Legion Armor
    19.Swift elevators
    20.Tier4 Thralls always spawn
    21.Sexiles Community
    22.Stack And Encumbrance