[AU/NZ] Two Factions [fast,events]



Lets face it, most conan servers are a clusterf*ck of griefers that just have to get into your 3x3 base to wreck your benches and the solitary player who doesnt reach end game and just doesnt have fun.

For this reason we have the Two Factions server.

  • As its name suggests, we have two factions in perpetual war.

  • Players can either create their own clan and align themselves with one of the factions, or join a faction clan directly.

  • The two factions have large citadels that have are sieged each saturday night alternating each weekend.

  • Raiding during the week is not discouraged either with minor sieges of player bases.

  • 3x XP

  • 3x Harvest

  • Other events

Citadels are built and server is slowly getting populated. We will be sieging this saturday 12th for anyone who just wants to jump on for some fun.

discord /gycTEnx

See you on the server


Current interest: 11 - 13 players


How frequent are wipes please?


Hi, as little as possible.

Long term players will receive reimbursement to get them back up to where they need to be if server needs a wipe. But currently we are not planning any wipes.

Im not sure if there will be any mandatory wipe on may 8th tho.


Cheers. Thanks for that


no prob

still building support/interest


We are now up to around 11-13 interested players.