Auto equip after death death not working

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1.equip gear
3.loot all from dead body
4.gear goes to inventory and not reequipping

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  • Choosing “Loot All” when choosing your corpse will now send and/or automatically equip all your belongings back where they were right before your quite possibly embarrassing death.

**i deid will out on a thrall hunt and my gear went back in my inventory and did not reequip on loot all **

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@gamma198 Can you please let us know if you play on an online server or in single-player. The feature works in single-player but not on servers as per my testing.


Same here. PVE official 1300, both me and my clanmate, that autoequip feature doesn’t work

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server 6411 pvp offical


Hello @gamma198, thank you for reporting this, we’ll register the issue.


I can confirm that this feature is not working in single-player mode either.

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